Thursday, June 18, 2015

Friday letters, June 19 edition

Dang it!!!  
Here, I was just fixin' to fine-tune a couple drafts and wound up deleting my last post.  Poof
Granted, it wasn't any great piece of literature, but still.  I'm stunned.   
Has something like that ever happened to you?
(... for the record, I hate Life Lessons.)

Then again ... in just a few hours it will be Friday!  Yay.

Dear Mother Nature,
We already honored you last month, OK?
This jealous, slow burn you're doing isn't very becoming. 

When I stepped outside my workplace this afternoon, you practically took my breath away.  Now, they're telling us tomorrow is expected to be 115?
... Not funny, missy.

Dear Daddy-in-Heaven,
So, I'm finally taking time to peruse your memorabilia.  Just in time for Father's Day.  
Sometimes it's hard to grasp, the world didn't start turning until I came along (smile) ... but yours sounds like a pretty remarkable life!

You know, someday I'm counting on seeing you again and you can tell me why, after graduation, you never pursued that career in mortuary science.

...and you'd a beer stand? Seriously?

PS -  I can't wait to share your report cards with Troy and the girls!

Dear 32-Dollar Smile,
... for the time being, that's what I'm calling you.
I really intended to come home with a dry sink, for the 'ish' room ... not a 50's-era cooler.

No doubt, Tom thinks I was a bit crazy to spend thirty-some dollars on you.  But there's no denying the rush I felt, recalling the hours we spent together in the back of my parent's Ford.   

... Now, maybe one of my nice blogger friends will have a suggestion what to do with you!?


Hi Daddy,

It's me again.  All those years you worked so hard, so many hours, to assure us of a nice life. Did you miss me?

Sure, I was caught up in my own adolescent dramas to pay you much attention.  
... But what I wouldn't give for another 30 minutes each morning. 

Frankly, I can't wait for Father's Day to be over and gone.


Dear Mr. God,
I sure appreciate your loving me, even when I'm not so lovable. 
... and I'm going to do my best not to pester you this Sunday, OK?

Just one thing?  Would you please have a talk with Mother Nature?


Enjoy your weekend, everyone ... and please take real good care of yourselves!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. HOT in all I can say about Phoenix and not much cooler here (96 they say). I can only hope this will be a rarity and life will return to more sane temps soon :)

    Your dad sounded like an interesting man. It always seems like we wish we knew a bit more about our parents after they pass and wish we had remembered to ask all the questions we might want to have asked before it was too late.

    That is a cool cooler! I think I would have bought it for memory sake too!


  2. Myra, you are precious. Big hugs to you, girlfriend. Maybe our dads are together missing us as much as we miss them right now. Yes, these hot temperatures are brutal. And we had a house guest for the last two days, but he's from NM so he understands!

    Have a great weekend. Stay cool!

  3. That 50's era cooler looks like it's in good shape. Hey, it was worth 32 bucks just for the memories.

    Wish I had some good memories of my father.......Father's Day always depresses me. Unfortunately I didn't get Robert Young in "Father Knows Best". I got Attila the Hun......

    115 degrees?? I remember when I first moved to Texas and it was 100 degrees on Halloween. Sweating jack-o-lanterns are immensely depressing. I hate heat - - but, then, I'm not crazy about the cold, either.

  4. I have been seeing your brutal temps on the news! But if there is no humidity I would love it! I agree with Jon above about Father's Day! No good childhood memories here either. I love that cooler. It will look awesome in the ish room however you decide to use it. I wonder how it would look with a beautiful ivy growing out of it? Have a good weekend Myra!

  5. Okay, I liked it every little bit. BUT especially The daddy stuff. Yeah, twould be nice to have a talk & get a response.

    115???? I am gonna quit fussing about the 100's.
    AND yes, I did it to myself the other day. New draft, nice computer said save, in a hurry I clicked NO!!! and it was gone!!! That one was absolutely MY Fault. and I did say a bad word. :-o

  6. A lovely Father's Day Tribute. Putting something cold to drink in that 50's-era cooler might help you kick a few notches off that outdoor thermometer. it is hot as hell there. Stay inside with the air conditioning on full blast. Be safe.

  7. You know something struck me as I read! I love a handwritten letter and I am thinking this is a wonderful meme to participate in! It would be the next best thing to actually having a real letter to hold in your hands! Your writing is wonderful and filled with all of your personality traits! I know you so well from your writing my friend. Have a beautiful day and I wish we would all get a break from the miserable weather everyone seems to be getting! Blessings to you and stay cool with your super cute and cool cooler! If you can, I would fill it with icy cold lemonade or some other summertime drink! Hugs from Colorado today! Anne

  8. You do this format so well....I particularly loved this one. Your Dear Daddy notes and memories made me want to tear up just a little. Your Mother nature bit ("not funny, Missy") made me grin (Tell her to "cool it!" while you're at it!).

  9. We had a cooler just like the one in your photograph and haven't thought of it in years. Brings back lots of picnic memories. I wonder what path it took once it left our house. I hope it found a good home.


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