Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Play Mandy for me

On the outside I think I appear pretty calm and collected.
My innards are a whole 'nother story ... butterflies-on-speed comes to mind.

Waaaaay back when (74, 75?) a tune called "Mandy" exploded to the top of the charts - and I fell in love from afar.
With each successive hit, I was convinced Barry Manilow somehow 'got' me.  Like no other.  Never mind there was a legion of folks who felt the same way!  LOL.

Obviously, my infatuation's waned over the years.   But seeing Barry in concert remained a fantasy.
Until last November, when I sent my left brain out of  the room and the right hemisphere aided and abetted my purchase to Manilow's "One Last Time" appearance in Phoenix.

Hopefully, our fellow concert-goers are mostly of our same generation ... and won't feel compelled to stand and dance, effectively blocking our view. (I suppose I'd be better suited to enjoying a torch singer in a more intimate lounge.)

Hopefully, I can get through "Even Now" without bawling like a baby!

Rumor has it, Manilow wrote that song about his father.    Still, I'm reluctant to scratch the surface; to burst the bubble.   You know?

What's your favorite Barry Manilow song?

Thanks for your well-wishes re. last week's trip and fall.   I was finally 'cut loose' from further medical care yesterday.  The hoary old physician was no-where to be seen, but I really wanted to run away when the attending opened with, "So how's your left hip today?"  (My RIGHT KNEE is just fine, thank you.)   Health care in this Country is getting scary!

In other news, I spent this morning's PTO-time getting the oil changed on my aging Camry. And wound up having to have all 4 tires replaced.   I've been too oblivious, too long.

If your so inclined, I'd sure appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts tomorrow - when DH and I see his oncologist for the results of his latest scan.

Hugs from Phoenix!


  1. Lots of prayers and hugs for tomorrow's appointment.

  2. I'm glad that you are recovering from that nasty injury to your right knee (and perhaps left hip....). Health care is indeed getting scary in the good ol' U.S.of A. (or what's left of it).
    Prayers and positive thoughts are with you for DH's scan results tomorrow.

    I was never particularly a Manilow fan and I never liked "Mandy" - - BUT - - I absolutely LOVE "When October Goes". It's one of my all-time favorites.
    I made a YouTube video of this song with Barry singing.
    The video is entitled "An October Farewell". My YouTube channel is Jayveesonata.

  3. Most of the women I know (Including my wife Jilda) had a thang for Barry. He was a great songwriter and performer.

  4. Saying a prayer, Myra. Good to get new tires! How exciting to get to see Barry Manilow! Good to hear too that you are on the mend from your fall. I got to say, I do like Copacabana by Barry Manilow :)


  5. Glad to hear you are healing nicely. Barry is quite a showman. Love the words to alot of his songs. They strike a chord, for sure. Prayers headed your way as you wait to hear the results. Take care.

  6. I always enjoy this visit. Thanks for allowing us to stop by. Of coures I have already said a prayer. Took a moment, just staring at the screen, it is sweet having friends on the other end of this monitor. Barry is a good guy. When I could hear, I enjoyed the soft touch.
    Today's 'FOLK' must Express themselves oblivious of the folk behind, block the screen, block the speaker, block the singer, Just STAND!
    Yes it has happened to me lately. hahahahahaha

    But I don't care, Imma be happy!
    Love you girl and will be thinking and saying another prayer for the big guy.
    Love from NC

  7. Oh my....EVEN NOW...I am sobbing. I've been so weepy the past two days and here I am again. You are so wonderful Myra my friend. Thank you so much for the birthday card. It really made my day. And I am in love with Barry as well. EVEN NOW! Saying prayers for you guys for tomorrow

  8. Am saying prayers and hoping for only good news on your hubby's latest scan.

  9. Tom and I are praying for your Tom's health scan and believing for a good report. Manilow is a great performer; you will get every dollar's worth! "I Can't Smile Without You," is what I've been singing and my b-i-l, Crusty, is learning it on his guitar. We are going to perform it for my sister this summer in their living room!

    Love you bunches,

  10. I have always loved "Mandy," but I am not sure if I love "Mandy" anymore than "Weekend in New England."

    Left hip/right knee...yes, healthcare is scary in more than one way!!

    I'm sorry about hubby...having to see an oncologist is normally a scary thing.

  11. Ah...Barry Manilow. Always a class act at his concerts. I've seen him several times but long ago. I am catching up here so I am glad Tom got good results at his MRI and I do pray for the both of you . Take care and enjoy the week.


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