Friday, November 29, 2013

Blame it all on my roots .....

As some may recall, holiday dining has always presented a special challenge to DH and me:

His Midwestern recollections center on the Traditional feast - enjoyed by extended family .... whose numbers frankly frighten me.  (LOL)

... vs. my regarding Thanksgiving as a chance to dress up and go to a Nice Restaurant -- anywhere turkey's NOT an option!   I can still hear my father saying, "Lum works so hard all year; I don't want her working on Thanksgiving."   

Since Tom's feeling much better and expressed his desire to "do" a turkey this year, I was like, "Why not?  We'll invite a few friends and family and have a great time."   (Come to think of it, this was said in the same mind-set when I suggested two puppies weren't much harder than one!)

Together with his best buddy's SO (aka, the Stepford wife), he planned the menu ... while I polished the house within an inch of its life.   (Always our deal: he cooks, I'd rather clean any day of the week!)

Just didn't anticipate my nearing a total meltdown when the guests threatened to out-number the available plates and utensils ... when the 3 and 4-year olds ran screaming around the great-room chased by two hyped puppies ... when DH and G retired to the next room to toot their sax and keyboards ... and I learned my coveted pumpkin pie "wasn't."   (Instead, two apple pies, because in the words of the Stepford, "Tom doesn't like pumpkin.")

The GOOD news, since the only menu items that looked good were asparagus and croissants, I actually lost a pound!

The bad?   I'm thinking there's an apology in store to the Stepford.   I've not yet figured it out ... and hoping you (or you, over there?) can help?

B's really a sweet lady.  To tell the truth, I'm probably a bit intimidated by her poise and abilities.   (I only call her the Stepford, on account she waits on "G" all the time, much like a servant.   They'll both be sitting in the living room .... he'll tell her to fetch a cola ..... and she brings it to him on a tray!   Seriously!!!!!)

Anyway.   It was cute watching "B" and DH putting the finishes on our dinner.  
Until much later when she began clearing and rinsing dishes.   (You know how everyone has his-or-her little "that's it!" buttons that shouldn't be pushed?    That's mine.)

Ambling over, I suggest she sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with the rest of us.
5 minutes later, she's putting food in containers and I'm chewing the inside of my cheek.  
Once more, nicely .... "My turn."

Finally, when she started loading the dishwasher I pretty well lost it :(
and quit asking her to step out of the kitchen.

DH just doesn't get it, but I need to feel like I'm contributing something.

How about you?   Do you resent or welcome having someone help with the clean-up?   

Not OURS, but I couldn't stop laughing when I spotted this out on FB!

In all seriousness, I realize how much we have to be thankful for this season.     While I've been known to mutter, "This is the worst year of my life" .... there have been blessings as well.  

A day late, perhaps, but want to give thanks to each of YOU for filling my personal blessings basket this year!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Soundsd like a nice day, Myra, even with the bit of a melt down you might have done. I try to follow what the host or hostess says about cleaning up. I will offer, if they say "leave it" or "we'll take care of it" I'm respectful of their preferences. I like to do my own clean up too when we have guests; I know where things go that type of thing. I know you are similar. She should have picked up on your clues in my opinion but if you think an apology could be in order, write a simple note and maybe tuck it in with a bouquet of flowers.


  2. You will have to forgive me, but I thoroughly ENJOYED reading this tale. Very entertaining. I am guilty of thinking 'This would be a great idea/ then when it starts coming to the actual 'it's here' stage, I start having regrets.

    An apology? From the boy's opinion, NO. Let it be. BUT that is from my viewpoint. Maybe it is time..... Oh well.

    I Never volunteer to assist a clean up in someone's kitchen unless I feel 'the invitation or welcome'. I know EVERYONE has their own way of doing things. As a matter of fact I had planned on mentioning an incident in my blog, where my Sherry volunteered and it sorta backfired. I still get a smile out of it.

    anyway I hope you have a great weekend. No relax and get ready for the next Biggie....

    Love from central Florida...

    PS> Glad tom is doing so well, that is a BIG THANKFUL....

  3. That is "NOW RELAX" not 'no relax'. Sorry 'bout that...

  4. Loved and enjoyed your story and your frankness!

    Ok, my take on it. I'm almost always the one who does the cooking and I appreciate it when everyone chips in afterwards to help clean up. In fact, I get insulted by the people who sit on their butts and don't lift a finger to help, like its my job to cook, serve and clean up after them. Don't get me started - sore subject. LOL.

    On the other hand, when I am a guest at someone else's home, I always offer to help clean up afterwards too. If the hostess declines my help, then fine, but I always ask.

    Happy Thanksgiving sweetie!

  5. Thank you for making me smile today....I like to clean up the kitchen all by MYSELF!

  6. Oh Lordy, you kill me. I'm a kitchen diva and only want MY big ol' butt in the kitchen. Scoot, scoot, shoo, shoo...
    Son Josh usually fills the tupperware but he's on the OTHER side of the counter, not in my galley strip. Sigh....aren't woman just the strangest creatures on earth?

  7. The hubby and I cook together although he is so much better at it! We were up at 5:30 A.M. preparing "Franklin" for his trip to the oven! LOL! My brother-in-law bought the hugest turkey he could, nearly 21 lbs. Noelle baked a 10 lb. ham and we had so many side dishes by the time it came to clean up I was exhausted. I love to cook and let them (kids) clean it all up! I recently purchase a set of very nice flatware at JC Penney. It is a service for 12 and has a ton of extra teaspoons. I wanted an extra set but currently out of stock ;-( My holiday pet peeve: people not RSVPing! Grrrrggh....Andrew and Tarrah were cooking for her phamily but showed up early at our house and I can not resist my beautiful grandbaby Jayden! When the silverware doesn't match, AACK! Thank goodness I have dinnerware for 16! LOL! Am I a crazy lady?!?! But I do love your story. It is good to have Tom up and doing so well and enjoying the holidays with you! Love your writing here. Glad you stopped by. I am thinking of the giveaway gift(s) I will surprise someone with! HeeHee

  8. Actually I don't think you need to apologize. It's your house and when you asked her to "relax," that's a cue to stop clearing. I loathe when someone I'm entertaining decides it's time to clear. I may need to do things in my teeny tiny kitchen and know my time frame. My kitchen is very small and I know where things are. It's more trouble showing other people and I don't mind cleaning up. My other pet peeve. Folks who show up an hour early. I have a teeny apartment, too, and if I'm still getting ready I really can't entertain. Am I set in my ways? Yup, but folks still come to dinner here happily and we have a good time.
    Glad Tom was up for dinner.


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