Sunday, November 3, 2013

Coming around again

Hello friends ....   how are you?

Not sure what happened to the month of October!?!
.... only that it sped by while I was having Fun / feeling Frustrated (work) / Frustrated (puppies) / and plain ole' Dis-couraged.  We won't dwell on that.

First, and BEST-est!!!
 ... after 5 long years between visits, my dear gal-pal Debbie arrived mid-month for a sweet stay.   Some may recall, this is the same person who came to visit in '08 from St. Pete, FL -- travelling a whopping 3 hours a day!   

This time, she arrived healthy (yea!) ... chauffeured by her sister and BIL and their gentleman furball, Snowy. 

LOVE that smiley face!
Happiness = good friends and warm puppies .... x3!
Crockpot chocolate cake .... yummmm!
Nice try, Deb ...
but she's too big to smuggle out under the hat! 
For two people who've little-to-Nothing in common, it's crazy our friendship's lasted so long.   Not sure what I bring to the table, but realize she compels me to be a better sort ..... and I can't stop smiling.      
I mean, for all the surgeries, therapy and continuing pain she's endured, Deb's still one of the happiest folks I've ever known.   Funny?  Gosh, we laughed 'til our faces hurt! 
In other news ...
The pups are growing at a ridiculous rate and getting into EVERYthing.   Ya, that's the tip from a door-stopper Macie swallowed one morning.  Not sure if this "souvenir" wasn't the vet's humorous (?) take on the Tooth Fairy.                         
Some days (well, most days) I look out on our "Sanford & Son" décor and shake my head.  Then, I realize how much those rapscallions have done to lift Tom's spirits.    Have to admit, they make me laugh as well.... like this "accidental-eyes" image I caught Halloween eve.  
So!   November's finally arrived .... my FAVORITE month, ever! 
I'm feeling the tug to do some baking and crock-pottering ... something DH regards with amusement .... but really, what harm can come?  :) 

Hugs from Phoenix!


  1. Sounds like an awesome October to me! And those puppies have really grown a lot! Love the Halloween eyes picture

  2. How nice to have friends come. Time to catch up , laugh and talk.
    I am sure the puppies are good for Hubby. They have way of lifitng spirits...

    Love from South Carolina...

  3. Always good to have visits from a friend that is deeply loved; glad you were able to enjoy the time you did with Debbie! Puppies will be puppies and they sure do like to explore, don't they? One thing I have to say about Koda was he didn't chew on a lot of things; not sure if that was because I watched him like a hawk or we crated him when we were gone, but really at my age (55), I'm not sure I could take on a puppy again when Koda is no longer with us; I admire you and Tom for pursuing such an adventure x2!

    October, I blinked and it was over. I fear November will be the same. Enjoy it though!


  4. How fun, Myra! I'm so happy for you! Here's to a fabulous November, too!

  5. Always great to hear updates from you, Myra. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  6. Such a happy time visiting - those puppies are adorable!!!

  7. It is so good to hear from you - see you happy - hope your hubs is okay.

  8. Friendship wonderful! What fun you had but be careful if that puppy disappears! HeeHeeHee! You will know where to look!

  9. Thanks for your comment on my ABC WED post!! One of the most important things in this life is to have a dear friend!!!You are very fortunate.

  10. Love the friendship! And what a pic of the eyes. Cute.

  11. Love the friendship! And what a pic of the eyes. Cute.


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