Sunday, December 8, 2013

This, that and the other

So much do ...
yet, I'm sitting here like a clump of clay with a smile on my face, acting out "Doe, a deer, a female deer" for the thousandth time.

While my voice should never be mistaken for that of a real singer, of late I can't stop singing!  Around the house and in the car ... up n' down the aisles at Target (my home-away-from-home).   

Blame it on the holidays, you say?   Okay.
.... but how can I explain some of the weird lyrics coming out of my mouth, like a Dickins' apparition or something!?

"John-Jacob-Jingleheimerschmidt .... thatttttt's my name, too!"

... or, "From the land of sky-blue waters, comes the beer that's so refreshing, Hamm's, the beer refreshing ..... Hamms."   

Does this sort of thing ever happen to you?   ...and should I be concerned that I recall all the words?   LOL.  (For the record, my parents enjoyed a beer now and then, but never purchased Hamms.)

Little things mean a lot, don't they?   
Last Friday, for instance.   I'd taken the day off work, presumably to clean house and start decorating.    Instead, I felt this honest-to-goodness need to visit Hallmark.  
Mind you, the closest free-standing store is nearly 25 miles away, but it had probably been 3 years.   Hey, some folks like Disneyland.   Me, I get a case of "glad-all-over" at Hallmark.

Poor Tom.  By the time I wandered out, he'd fallen asleep in the car -- but still felt up to having lunch at Cheesecake Factory.   Talk about another "glad all over" spot.... goodness!
Almost heaven ...
OK.  It's impolite to stare, but I couldn't help stealing glances at the couple seated alongside Tom:   Nicely dressed, mid-60's perhaps: they sat, just staring at one another.  Not angry, just indifferent.   I don't think a single word passed between them.   It just felt sad, you know?
Lots of time I'm prone to start imagining all these scenarios about others' lives.  But this time I was too busy enjoying "RJ"..... that almost-extinct species of waiter:  listener, informant and entertainer!  His opening salvo?  "I really shouldn't be so nice to you, since I hate your guts already."   (We were wearing Auburn Tigers hoodies; he's a "Bama" fan.)

Ya, little things mean a lot.  
There's dirty laundry waiting and decorating's not begun -- but it feels like Winter outside (humor me!), and the puppies are rolling around my feet like a couple of fools. :)  
Please don't get me wrong; I don't want to come off as some kind of Pollyanna.  There's plenty to concern myself with - both in the workplace and here at home.   
The deterioration of DH's hip has made it almost impossible for him to accompany me to the store w/o using of those little electric scooters.   We thought cortisone injections might provide some relief - but they don't mix with the blood thinners.  So, Tom's scheduled for another PET-scan next Friday, then we're to learn the results on (of all times!) Christmas eve.  

For right now, life is pretty some of that OK.  
Nevertheless, your prayers and positive thoughts are most appreciated!     

Hugs from Phoenix,



  1. Well what is wrong with being Polyanna? I think - in my humble opinion - that hard times - if they don't kill us make us better and stronger people. They also give you a chance to see that time is precious. And happiness is important. And to enjoy everything. Love, sandie

    1. Oh gosh, I didn't mean that Pollyanna reference to sound disparaging! Suppose I interpret that as being almost oblivious to reality (probably a mistake on my part) ... but learned as a young adult, if I wasn't watching my back no-one else was going to! Love ya, Sandie!

  2. Good thoughts and prayers for you and Tom! Just tell them you will wait until after the New Year begins for the PET results. Enjoy your holidays and thumb your nose at the potential for any news that is not joyful!!

  3. Paula there has good advice! LOL
    Did I enjoy the entry? YOU BET! Interesting story of life, one of my favorite things. Glad you got the chance to soak up some Hallmark and ENJOY Tom at the Cheesecake factory (and the food too of course!)
    Yeah, I tend to build a case when I see an 'interesting couple' or sight.

    Positive thoughts and prayers your direction. Disappointed to hear about the hip, but that too can end positively. Hey it is Christmas time....

    Love ya!! Always a joy to visit here with Myra......

  4. I think you spent your day off doing something fun for you, Myra, and that was a good thing. You can always squeeze in the time to decorate and clean, but to get to do something fun for you like the Hallmark store and Cheesecake Factory (who can resist that place?) was perhaps just what you needed then.

    Sorry to hear about your hubby's hip. My sister had a similar thing with arthritis and got a hip replacement surgery. After the recovery period, she said it was the best thing ever to go through surgery since it freed her up to do things again. Will keep you all in my prayers.

    I do agree with Paula, maybe wait to get the results until after the first of the year? But always remember that no matter what the results, God already knows and will see you through.


  5. I had to LOL at the Hamm's song. I was recently singing that to a much younger friend and she had never HEARD of Hamm's beer and she's a big beer drinker. Cripes, we are showing our ages. Do they even still MAKE Hamms beer? I liked their bear commercials.

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. Keep on going to the Cheesecake Factory and enjoy that cheesecake. Red velvet cheesecake is my favorite from there.

  6. Yeah, I'm a hopeless singer-hummer-whistler. Always have been, and I probably always will be. I'm not sure if I sing because I'm happy, or if singing makes me happy. Either way, I think it's perfectly normal that you sing such an eclectic bunch of songs. One time I was cleaning the church and, before I left the house, our daughter was listening to the Grateful Dead. So as I cleaned, I was singing, "...ridin' that train, high on cocaine..." (Luckily, our pastor had a great sense of humor!)

  7. I constantly get songs and jingles stuck in my head and sing them for days on end. I can be so annoying like that. :)

  8. Tis better to be optimistic and have feelings than be so numb inside that one becomes an armadillo! Nuttin' wrong with Pollyanna thinking....and just "feeling"...y'know?
    Keep it up toots!

  9. I'm always trying to find the glass as half full, but there are days I don't succeed. I think this time of year is tough...lots of merriment and every day isn't merry. You and Tom are in my prayers daily!

  10. Now all those songs are running inside my head! Thanks alot! HaHaHaHa! lAlways praying for you and Tom. I bet those pups are getting so silly. as well as bigger! I love Hallmark. But then I want all the Willow Tree figurines. Sigh! You would be a great Pollyanna but I know life isn't always so happy and rosey! I love the words you share here. Hugs, Anne


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