Sunday, January 20, 2013

When I wasn't looking ....

Don't you hate it when a tried-n-true product quietly disappears?

Over at L.A.H.S. I attended my share of Home Ec classes -- but never quite grasped the art of becoming an honest-to-goodness Homemaker.    Now, I truly admire those whose homes sparkle 24/7 and whose tablescapes change with the seasons .... but "it ain't me, babe."
Aside from the kitchen and bathrooms, were it not for the occasional visitor, the rest of our house might not pass the white glove test on any given Tuesday.

Yes, the occasional visitor!    When changing the guest-room bedding last month, I found myself marveling at the sweet feel of those sheets.    Despite their old-age, I was impressed enough to go grab a magnifying glass and examine the manufacture tag.    Dan River percale.  
Hmmm.  I need these for the master!  

Unfortunately, old man River seems to have faded into obscurity ... taking Lady Pepperell with him.   I still enjoy using some of my mother's wonderfully-made Pepperell towels -- but their appearance(!) forbids their going out in public.  

Save for a few listings on eBay, it appears Dan River and Lady Pepperell bid their farewells when I wasn't paying attention.

If anyone has a lead on their whereabouts, I'd sure appreciate it!

If not, might anyone recommend like-kind brands -- which don't require a lot of TLC?





  1. I'm not a good one for a recommendation here. I'm still using some of my college towels -- Fieldcrest -- and my sheets are almost equally ancient. I have a Ralph Lauren quilt (bought on ebay) and that holds up very nicely.

  2. Gosh, no help here. I don't even know what we have for towels or sheets. Something that was probably economical at the time we were buying them. Good luck in your search!


  3. I know exactly what you mean - not the sheets - but I have had two or three products that I loved disappear. Wish I could help with the sheets.

  4. I didn't know that! I guess that tells you how long it has been since I purchased sheets. Pepperell is the brand that I grew up using in my mom's house. We still have some here that I either got as gifts or was handed down.

    I don't have a good suggestion. I'm cheap to a blooming fault and haven't bought new ones in a long time.

  5. Dan River and Lady Pepperell, I have heard those names all my life. Mama and my wife used the names quite frequently. I didn't know they had bit the dust. But hey, I find it hard to think the Lone Ranger isn't on the radio 3 times a week. LOL
    I love the header picture.. Nice blog.

  6. No one seems to make a high quality product these days! So sad. I love the sheets that stand the test of time and towels too! I have not seen Dan River sheets in ages. :(
    ALways a nice walk down memory lane!


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