Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby it's COLD outside!

... and I'm loving it!
* * *

So, I was wondering  ... have you ever given a gift to someone that you really wanted (for) yourself?  

Yep, I did just that a number of years ago.    Having longed to experienced a real winter again, one Christmas I gifted my mom with a trip to Breckenridge, CO ... the caveat being, she needed a travel companion (lol)!  

Never mind that Mother -- having lived in Minnesota and the Rockies for most of her adult life -- was perfectly happy residing in balmy Florida.  

What a trooper.   That 84-year old lady graciously accepted my offering, dug out her mittens and "moon boots" (remember those?) and we hit the friendly skies.    Never mind that our lodge was undergoing renovation; their enormous stone fireplace sat dark and forlorn ...    it was the best of times!  
13 years ago this week, that little excursion remains one of my favorite memories.

Having no particular agenda -- which in itself is totally out-of-character for me -- we happened upon teams preparing for the next-day's International Snow-Carving Festival.   Gasp.
(Like the Grand Canyon, you've GOT to see these creations up-close and in-person!)

OK, I'll admit ... no-one enjoys being really, really cold:  it's the antidotes that put me over the moon:     Feasting on hatch chili stew, indulging in ridiculously-long, HOT showers, sipping hot-buttered rum, even furiously-churning my feet to warm the bedsheets.
Late one evening I took a long walk across a snowy field, delighting in the audible cr-runch beneath my footsteps.   Heaven.

What's the best time you recall having had in the snow?



  1. Girl that is a lot of cold and snow right there. In the winter of 1979 we had just moved. The packing van packed the snow down so tight on the driveway we still had ice in May! True. In Chicago at the time.

  2. What a sweet thing to do with your mom; I bet you do have wonderful memories of that adventure! Love the picture of her in the snow and I bet those snow carvings were amazing to see! Kind of like when people here do sand castle competitions.

    Snow.....I'm time......gosh.....that is hard. We did live in Montana for 8 years and we had plenty of snow. I think the best thing I always like was after it snowed and at night, how bright it would seem because of the snow reflecting light back up towardds the sky.

    Cold here too; but its supposed to be warm, LOL :)

    stay warm if you can!


  3. A sweet memory for sure with your precious mother! A snow memory for us would be being stuck indoors because of a blizzard. My hubby made a huge of chili and our oldest daughter went to get something off the counter, caused a landslide and that crock pot hit the floor with a vengeance! What a mess we had to clean! We then put some peppermint Schnapps in our hot cocoa and took a long nap! No chil though! :(

  4. Against my better judgement I was talked into a cross-country skiing trip in the Canadian Rockies. I'd only skied once and wasn't a fan, but I was game, and it was one of the most beautiful weeks of my life. Loved Banff and loved skiing around Lake Louise.

  5. Oh, are my kind of woman! I love snow, too. And your blog friends have left wonderful memories for us to share in. My best snow memory is too long to leave here, honest! But it had to do with my sister and her husband being stuck in the St. Louis airport for a few hours during the Christmas rush many, many years ago! And to Carol Z....I saw Banff on a travel show recently and fell in love with it! I really must go there someday!

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