Saturday, January 19, 2013

of Gratitude ...and Gravity

Whew, what a week!
Normally, I love Projects .... that is, having the time and tools necessary to complete the puzzle.
In this case, however, I was struggling to locate all the pieces.... depending on others, whose priorities aren't always in sync with mine.

So I'm GRATEFUL to the AGM who paused yesterday and said, "Just breathe.   Come on, let's take a walk."    Despite her salty personality, K's caring spirit makes her a real Friend.

Too many hours examining old contracts (b-o-r-i-n-g!) resulted in my arriving home last night with one thing in mind: a bottle of "dago red" and a long straw.  
GRATEFUL for an understanding hubby, who asks few questions and instead suggested an accompaniment of meat-lovers pizza and an oversize afghan.

So early this morning I was having one of those "What's it all about, Alfie?" moments.   Growing older, I find it difficult to shift between being a "Day-dream Believer" (morning) and a Skeptic by sundown.  

Speaking of labels...
I recall my normally-confident GM  struggling to answer our organization's psychological questionnaire -- cleverly titled "Personality Profile" yesterday morning.    (Sitting just outside her door, I can't help hearing her one-sided conversation with the computer.)

A minute later, "Myra, what do you think about ...?"
In an environment where my opinion doesn't count for much, I was GRATEFUL to have been consulted.  

Finally, I'm mostly GRATEFUL to my little old-lady pup who never fails to make me laugh.  
Early last Monday when our temps hovered in the mid-20's, I was reluctant to accompany Caraleigh outside.    Venturing off the porch and onto the lawn, I threw back my neck to gaze at the stars ... then lost my equilibrium.     Flailing around like a marionette whose strings had just been snipped, flannel met the earth ... .
and I looked up to see Cara wearing this exaggerated expression of horror.    What can one do but giggle?
...I'm also so GRATEFUL for not flailing to the right and landing in the pool!

Hopefully, tomorrow at this time I'll be GRATEFUL for a fun afternoon spent with DH's son, daughter and their families.   (Taking a gamble on their enjoying OUR choice of 50's theatre!)

Wishing you all a great n' gratifying weekend ... hugs from Phoenix!



  1. I am glad you did not hurt yourself. And I have my Alfie moments too - I know just what you are talking about. And dogs - we do love them and they bring us a lot of joy!

  2. No falls, please. I think a bottle of wine and a straw would do just fine to end my week, too. Had a full, but relaxed morning and afternoon and now I am so enjoying visiting my blog buddies.

  3. Glad you didn't hurt yourself in the fall! I think the 50's theater sounds like a great outing for you all! Enjoy!


  4. Love the day dream believer reference. By days end I am ready to retire from work and then by morning's light I am raring to go again. Thanks for leaving a response on my blog about aromas. I can identify with what you said.

  5. I am glad you are ok! I hope your weekend is wonderful! A true friend that little pooch!


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