Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wow.  Can you believe we're smack dab in the middle of September!?!

Thus far, I've been a nutritional overachiever.
You see, there's been much to celebrate!


 DH and I kicked off the Labor Day weekend (our 8th anniversary) at a new Southwest-inspired steakhouse.

Since the "deal" (love Groupon!!!) included a bottle of wine, he was even persuaded to sample a glass.

....Either that, or he'd finally grown tired of my playing amateur cardiologist -- going on (and on) about the benefits of fermented grapes.

I even ventured outside my comfort zone and was delighted by the macadamia-crusted chicken, with shitake mushroom cream and red chili.  

Let's see ... 
Then there was the celebratory broasted chicken, following the clean bill of health DH received from his cardio-guy.     

And finally ... 
Last week my GM and a few office pals planned a luncheon to celebrate my 10th anniversary.  To be perfectly honest, however, I'd a few misgivings re. their preferred venue. 
You see, under this Mannered.Mature.Lady facade lies a little kid who still prefers a fat burger or ribs to tea sandwiches and scones.  

Given the news earlier that morning that our company has been purchased by an industry Giant, we were all eyeballing the wine list.  
....But given that same Fact-of-Life, my GM sighed, "We'd better behave ourselves."

When my plate arrived, the little brat inside my head was tempted to channel Clara Peller ("Where's the beef?").  
Beside me, Diana -- a zealous vegetarian -- was doing her best not to smile .... all the while sensing  the party about to take place on my taste-buds.    

Sometimes I love being proven wrong!  Gotta give props to those kitchen magicians who know what they're doing with organic, fresh herbs and spices!!!  
I may have to give it a test drive in our own kitchen.    

When was the last time you were delighted to have been proven wrong?   ...Have you any tidbits or advice for this carnivore?

Wishing everyone a yummy new week!



  1. Don't you two look fabulous ... Happy Anniversary(s) sweetie.

    Your dinner looks luscious ... I prefer a good old fattening dripping in melted cheese burger also, but would give this a try.

    Have a lovely week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Well congratulations on all those wonderful reasons to celebrate. Glad to here DH got a good health report.

    But, I admit I am a bit taken back. For some reason I thought you two had been together since the beginning of time. I was surprised to find your marriage is only a few years older then ours. But, that is even more reason to celebrate. Finding the perfect partner at our stage in life is being doubly blessed.

    Happy Anniversary both at home and work. Hope the change of ownership does not cause you to much stress at work.

  3. Happy anniversary to the both of you! See - you had your streak and you learned that tea parties have good food. I LOVE tea parties and scones,

  4. Everything looks yummy. Happy anniversaries! Best of all is good check up with the cardiologist for DH. Wishes for many more happy times.

  5. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby! Wishing you many more wonderful years together! The chicken looks delicious; I always enjoy trying new things out of my comfort zone when we go out; I'm usually never disappointed with how things taste. Cool too for being with a company for 10 years and having a chance to go out and celebrate it, albeit at maybe not your first choice of places, but it does sound like it was a good place all in all! Wonderful news too to hear that hubby got a good report from his cardiologist; I'm sure that was the best thing to celebrate amongst all the other wonderful events!!


  6. Let's see....I bet your blood type is O. They thrive on meat. I'm A and I would love the vegetarian dinner!!!! We're all different and all special. Have a great week!

  7. I always love visiting you! Your stories are so wonderful and I feel like I am getting to know you! I wanted to tell you I read The Girls from Ames in two days! I laughed and I cried. My goodness what a wonderful read! Thanks for sharing it with me. I think everyone should read it, it was great!

  8. Happy Anniversary ... to you and hubby, and at work. I'm always up for a celebratory dinner. :)

  9. HI!!
    First yeah so happy for all the good news on your hubby!!!That is always a reason to celebrate!!!And so glad he had some wine!!!!
    WOW--CONGRATS on 10 years with the same company!!!WAY 2 GO!!!So glad they treated you to a nice lunch.....trying to figure out where they took you...I think I saw it on facebook...but I ahve forgotten!!!
    happy fall...where is the fall weather???I am so HOT!!!
    Have a Great day
    hugs 2 U,


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