Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Calmer heads

Like many others, I keep mental roster titled, 'Those I Admire.'

Until recently, however, I totally overlooked a big one!   Well, not a "one", exactly -- rather, thousands of them.  

Normally unseen, these individuals' voices convey such an amazing sense of calm.

Do you recall hearing of that near-miss over one of our nation's largest airports a few weeks ago?  
What struck me the most was the sound-bite of Air Traffic Control, calmly redirecting the incoming aircraft to #-blah#-blah#-blah#.
.... as if she were reciting a weather forecast.

Later to DH:
"I'd probably been screaming, Get out-a the way!   Turn right!,  No, my right!"   (That's presuming I could even form a sentence.)

And the 911 operators!   Goodness.   In spite of my absurd fascination with emergency responders, I'd be a poor candidate.  

The list goes on......

Privately, I used to believe those individuals were emotionally removed from the rest of us.  OK, I'll say it out-loud:  Dispassionate.

One of my closest allies at work is a former paramedic/fire fighter.   Despite our camaraderie, I was suspect of K's oddball sense of humor, even sarcasm, recalling emergency scenarios.   Finally one day she admitted, "If you allow something to 'get' to you, even for a minute, you're finished.
Then, "One can help ... or be part of the problem."    

So simple, really.  They've the ability to control their emotions.

While there's little chance I'll be changing my stripes at this stage of the game, I'm incredibly grateful for those with calmer heads!



  1. I have to agree with your fellow employee with how he summed it all up. It takes a special person to do jobs like that; I'm not sure I could be that special of a person.


  2. My son-in-law is a paramedic firefighter, who has that quirly sense of humor. Once I asked what he thought was wrong with an elderly neighbor and he replied, TMB. I thought it was a malady, until he clarified, Too Many Birthdays.

  3. I think you do have to be in self control.

  4. Oh sweetie...
    I love popping over to see what you have to write about. You have such a way with words. A wonderful share today.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my precious girl, Rasha. I am so lost today. I missed her bark, and her wet cold nose nudges this morning. I thank God for the heart and soul of Rasha, that he has shared with us for the last 12 years.

    Hope you have a glorious weekend dear friend. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  5. I'm with you. I'm not as calm as I used to be, but when I keep my feelings in check I do so much better. It's a thought I have every day.

  6. this cracked me up b/c I'm like you...I'd be shouting get out of the way..no go left. Too funny. And thank God for the calm...the dispassionate...the level headed people who keeps us safe. Hugs to you M. Have a great Sunday

  7. HI!!
    I laughed at this one too...I am not the calm rational one.....far to excited and panic mode sets in real fast.....I suppose in the need to be calm I can be....I have been.......but panic I become quickly...running late..I panic, lost something...I panic...
    But our good friend is a 9-1-1 operator and he is Very Calm.....very OCD too!!!!

  8. There are some jobs that require total calm! I am too much of a social worker type! I would be going crazy as an air traffic controller! My son just served on a jury that ended in a mistrial! I dread being called! I hate been a rule follower especially with our screwy judicial system! Thank goodness there are some level headed folks out there to even it all out!


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