Sunday, September 30, 2012


So, while I was struggling to wedge my foot into a stiff new pair of pumps the other morning, my father's voice intruded...

Use. Your. Shoehorn!

.... oh Dad, come on!   I don't know where it is!   Besides, I'm not a little kid anymore.

To be perfectly honest, I've never really subscribed to those who claim to communicate with those who've gone before.   (Perhaps I'm envious?)

All the same, I can sure identify with Chris Young's song lyrics:

You could say I'm a little bit crazy
You could call me insane
Walkin' 'round with all these whispers
Runnin' 'round here in my brain
I just can't help but hear 'em
Man, I can't avoid it

Am I the only one with a "chatty closet"?
My wardrobe could hardly be described as expansive ... but purge I must!

Some decisions are easy-peasy.   That pantsuit which left me feeling like a giant cantaloupe, or the way in which those too-small jeans giggled and mocked.

Then, there are the difficult goodbyes.   A new (to me) ensemble which caught my mother's practiced eye years ago.   In a rare moment of clarity, she'd smiled, "That looks so well on you!"    It was also the outfit I happened to be wearing that last morning.    This may sound silly, but I finally had to carry it to the trash ... every time I spotted it hanging there, I'd hear her voice.   (And it's really hard getting ready for work when your eyes won't stop leaking.)

Of course, there are a few pieces with which I'll never part.
There's a red cocktail dress that hangs in the far recesses, but its presence always makes me smile:  That summer of '83, when -- for the first/last time in my life -- I  felt almost pretty.   And I hear a special dark-eyed man whisper, "Cara mia."

Sometimes I try to ignore 'em
But I thank God for 'em
'Cause they made me who I am

Perhaps you have a seemingly-ordinary article of clothing with a host of memories attached?

.... I'm curious:   Do you relegate your "chatty" pieces to storage ... a sort of purgatory?
Or, are you braver than me, and rip that bandage off, quick-like?


  1. I hate to throw clothes out - I am not a saver - but if they still fit - I'll keep them just in place. In other areas I throw away much more easily! lol

  2. LOL; I don't think I have a chatty closet and I do purge on a somewhat regular basis what is in it, though I can't part with those one size too small capri pants because I'm always working to get back into them (after four years, but lets not talk about that :) With all our frequent moves, I have become less sentimental over the years with things; got rid of my wedding dress about four moves ago.

    I too don't subscribe to the thought that we communicate with those who have gone before us.

    hope you are enjoying a nice fall day!


  3. I'm always hopeful that I'll shed a few pounds, and then I end up giving up and giving the clothes away.

  4. Sweet stories here. I guess I don't have emotional attachments to many of my clothes, if any. I tend to keep them all much longer than I should, so it would be nice to hear a few voices now and then saying, "GET RID OF THAT!"

  5. I keep too many items that I Want, Hope, Desire to fit into again...soon...but it ain't happenin'! The last time, though, that I gave away or sold my "too small of a size" clothes...I lost weight and could've worn them again, so then I was mad at myself....Sheesh! But, purging the clothes is high on my list and it's gonna happen SOON! And, Mevely, you are definitely PRETTY, inside AND OUT!

  6. HI Meverly,
    I first want to Say..I think you are Beautiful inside(and that is the best part) and I think you are Beautiful on the outside....everyone has true beauty ....for us that are hyper critical of included.....We must start our days saying GOOD positive things about our day and about ourselves.....I caught my Grand daughter --the tiny little skinny one she was wiggling her upper leg and she said Look Mimi, I am fat....I nearly DIED...I say that to myself about ME all the time....I need to diet...I am fat....she HEARS....She Listens.....I would Never ever want her to think she is anything but beautiful. SO we must first start with ourselves. SO say it with me..I AM PRETTY......I think Bette Midler has a funny song about being Pretty.....
    OK, now for the sad parts of this nearly made me tear up when you mentioned that suit your MOM liked....and how you tear up thinking of her. HOW SWEET....nothing wrong with doing that.....MY MOMMA is still around...lost my Daddy at a very young age....he was only 51.I do hear his cheerful funny voice occasionally......his fav line's to people were "you're not mad are ya"...or "you like me" I try and remember his sweet voice.
    I hope we all keep our closet guests in our memories forever!!!
    THANKS for writing this!!!
    I loved it!!

  7. Yes, I do. I have a sparkly blue New Year's Eve dress in the back of my closet, saving it for whan I'm thin again :)

  8. I have a few special occasion outfits I can't seem to part with. a mother of the bride dress from 2000 at our oldest daughters wedding. It is somewhere around here. I had a favorite pair of jeans that were worn out, literally. One day the leg just fell apart! It was tragic. I saved the label sewn inside as a memory! LOL! I have a dress my mother wore to my brothers wedding in 1969 and one she wore to my nephews wedding in 1988. Hard to part with those, I see her smiling in those dresses and although they would not fit me properly I love hanging on to them. My youngest son saves clothing. He has an entire drawer full of stuff from his youth! I was cleaning his room when he left for college. Made me cry! He has an Arthur shirt and doll and book and video. I thought of putting them in one of those shadow boxes. That Arthur doll still works, saying "D.W!" and other phrases from the PBS series when Nick was a kid. Sigh!

  9. I've got a beautiful kilt I bought on a trip to Bermuda with my mother in 1984. I think it's time for it to go. It's too small and even if I lost the thirty pounds it would take to wear it I don't think I would. But I just can't let it go. Guess it's time to rethink it.

  10. I'm going through much the same thing. These things have got to go. I still have my wedding dress and another dress I wore for a wedding that has long been over. There's a couple of tee-shirts I think will make cute pillows. I've been slowing giving up on the "skinny jeans" and comfort is all that matters even when it comes to room in my closet.


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