Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some like it hot!

So, did your favorite pony place in yesterday's Derby?     I've never lived in or near Kentucky, but can't help getting misty-eyed when they sing "Old Kentucky Home."
Anyway, I hope no-one  took "I'll Have Another" (mint julep) to heart ...
or -- darn our ethnicity! -- celebrated Cinco de Mayo to excess.

I was feeling well enough yesterday morning to accompany DH on our usual Saturday errands, when we decided on the spur-of-the-moment to visit a nearby eatery -- noted for their hatch chiles.
Now, no-one could ever accuse me of being a "spur-of-the-moment" gal.     And given the state of my innards, hatch chile might not sound like a sensible choice.  But somedays you have to tell your brain to take a hike!

Mine has been a looooong and winding road from New Mexico -- but I've their particular green chile hard-wired!    Keep your Tabasco and other atomic condiments, thank you.   The hatch doesn't immediately assault.   Rather, like experts oooh-n-ahhh over a wine's "finish", this little gem is remarkable on one's tonsils.

Wasn't long before I was sucked back to Pinterest.  (Ya, I'm a bit like poor Carol-Anne in Poltergeist.) 
... and was astonished how many others are heralding the hatch.... and their great recipe ideas.

There's a few obvious choices ... then, one or two which had me saying "Huh?"
...Still trying to wrap my mind around this idea.

Someday, I hope we'll have a chance make time to visit the chile festival.
I'm sure interested to know if you, too, "like it hot"!  If so, do you have a favorite?

Wishing you a new week that's "just right!  


  1. Like your hot flame! lol And I do not like things hot - my stomach is such a wimp. Glad you had a good time yesterday.


  2. Not me, but I do admire your adventurous spirit!

  3. That would be a wee bit too hot for me, tho I do like spicy Mexican food.

    One day I will go to the KY race ... I so love horses & have a penchant for $$$ down!

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  4. I'm sort of a mild gal. I know that probably surprises you, but I am. The husband? Well, he likes it HOT. Unfortunately, his stomach is rebelling after all these years and he has become, as we say around here now, "Just too 50 for too much of it." He'll have to settle for his Hot Mama instead.

  5. Afraid, I have had to give up spicy foods or pop a lot of antacid tablets. Sorry to read that you have been sick and delighted you are better. Hope you do not relapse after all those hot peppers.


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