Sunday, May 13, 2012

Momma's Hands


Our minister shared a curious observation a few years back: While there's little elbow room to be had at the Christmas and Easter services, many stay away on Mother's Day or Father's Day.    Why?   Because for many who've lost a parent, it's too painful.   

While that's understandable (sorta), I prefer to celebrate the memories.

Today I'm celebrating my mother's hands. 
Unlike her daughter, momma's hands were slender and pretty ...  nimble fingers that could coax piano keys or wield knitting needles like a mastro.  

I don't recall her ever having had a professional manicure, yet every Saturday evening -- without fail -- she'd set aside time to trim, buff and polish.   Even following an unfortunate incident with the lawn mower --which left 3 digits terribly mangled -- she'd continue her Saturday night ritual.   A totally unassuming lady, my mother still believed one should do the best they could with what they had.   

Now it's probably been 50 years since I read Little Women, but when I think of momma's hands I think of Meg.   Meg, who "cheerfully blackened and burned her white hands cooking delicate messes."   

What she did for love.
I wonder if I might yet take a lesson. 

I wish all mothers (and those men, women and Godparents who mother little ones) a lovely day, making memories!  


  1. Awww! such beautiful treasured moments of memories. How blessed you are Myra.
    Happy Mother's day, sweet friend.
    TTFN ~

  2. What a beautiful picture you've drawn for me tonight. I wish that my daughters would/could look back and remember that their mom had beautiful hands. That won't happen...

    Hopefully, they will remember that those stubby nubs held theirs for as long as they could, and that will be a sweet memory too.

    Or maybe, they'll at least have the grace to romanticize me and call them "Jo's hands".

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Now that you have me crying - may I say it was a wonderful story about your mother. sandie

  4. Oh your story about your sweet mom is beautiful! I so love Mother's Day although I lost my mother in 2001 and my hubby his in 2010. I hope your Mother's Day was beautiful! Have wonderful week.

  5. Beautiful. My mother also had a big scar on one of her hands from an ax mishap when she was very young. What I wouldn't give to hold her hand just once more. Lots of hugs on Mother's Day!

  6. this is so beautifully written. I hear your heart and it touched mine. I hope your day yesterday shone as much as you do......hugs to you

  7. To remember my mothers hands I have only to look at my own. Mine are an exact clone of hers.

    My mother is a wonderful woman and a delight to so many. But, she has the worst hands possible and they have always been that way and now at 87 they are getting twisted with arthritis. I hope that is one copy catting that I am able to avoid.

  8. A beautiful story Myra....thanks for sharing it


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