Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let's eat!

So, how are you today?  (... and you, too, over there?)

My personal "tilt-a-wheel" is finally slowing a bit.   Still, I wonder, how do I get myself into certain situations?  
And why, oh why, did our refrigerator have to pass away this afternoon? 

 ('nuff said ... head bang.)

At any rate, my fat cells aren't suffering from neglect.  In fact, we've struck a deal of sorts:  

If I put the good stuff in on weekdays ...

.....I get to play on weekends.

"Eggs Bubba" ...
Ya, that's a chicken-fried steak under all that goodness!

Fallin' in love, I'm falling in love again ...

Head-over-teakettle, we just found a spot mid-city, some describe as a "dive" -- others, "the best kept secret in town."   Personally, I was a goner, the moment we spotted the evening's menu, titled "Supper."   (Doesn't that word just evoke warm fuzzies?)  
Maybe, on account we don't eat out all that often --
or, I just plain enjoy eating .... my expectations may be higher than some.  Granted, the Famous Few (chains) are comfortably reliable.  
.....But give me great food and good service and forget the ambiance! 

We've all our favorite go-to's, don't we?   
I'm curious.   What makes a particular eatery your Favorite?



  1. If I can EVER this this stupid weight back down to where it was less than a year ago, I would like to try your weekends off idea. As it stands, I can't *afford* to even take a meal off. Sigh... That's what I get for porking out.

    As to your question? I have a "thing" for quaintness. It's not about the food for me as much as the feeling that a places evokes in me.

  2. I think that is a fantastic idea! Then you don't feel totally without any treats. sandie

  3. I wish I had your discipline.

  4. Thanks Myra, what a great idea. Never seen salad in a jar before but, you can bet I am going to start storing Franks that way. Thats about all he eats these days and I make them up several at a time. Our frig is just to small for large bowls and I have lots of widemouth quart jars.

    When you live in a small town you do not get a lot of choices but we have two that we gravitate too. One is a small Mom and Pop and the other is a big chain. We do have lunch out more than we should.

    For many years when I was working I would always cook double meals and freeze one. I had a routing where I would cook a half dozen chicken meals one weekend and do the same with beef the next and so one. It really was not that hard when everything took the same base ingredients. and you could reuse the same cookware and not have to clean the food chopper over and over.

  5. Girl, you're speaking my language! The Man and I love to find those secret places to eat in our travels. You know, the one where all the locals go? Loved this post. Made me laugh.

  6. It is fun to find special, out of the way, unusual, not your norm diners. That's what was so much fun when we were rv'ing...of course, I gained 45 pounds while having all that fun too!
    At least I've lost it...but now, we're not having any fun way is better?

  7. After reading your post, I'm embarrassed to tell's the Cheesecake Factory. Am I really all about ambiance? Not really, I also dig the new low fat menu at Denny's!

  8. What a fabulous idea. Love the country diners we have up here ... that meal looks soooo yummy. Harold always says if there are trucks out front it is good food ... & 95% of thetime he is right.

    How have you been, Myra? Have you & Sherry gone shopping together lately? Lucky you getting to see her all the time. Envy, for sure.

    Have a great eve ~
    TTFN ~

  9. Yummy looking comfort food, my favorite! Sorry bout the fridge. Always when you are trying to relax! I am tickled to stop by. It has been a while. I enjoy the blogs I visit but I get caught up in one thing and know that routine! I am going to perfect a way to get around without hassles. If you have any ideas please share. Enjoy the weekend.


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