Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Day the Music Died

Out-take from the homefront:
“Now she wants to learn the saxophone.”

Outwardly, my left hand signals “Thumb’s up!” ..... while opposite fingers are crossed "good luck" behind my back.

I’m curious. Did you ever play a musical instrument? Do you still play?

Long before I came along, momma played piano. Daddy studied the violin. Factor in one child … you can guess the rest.

Like it was yesterday, I recall my folks’ phone call, promising a “big surprise.”

Yessssss …. a horse!

I was practically doing pirouettes – my mind leap-frogging to time spent riding “Flicka” across the high mesa.

“Dismayed” doesn’t begin to describe my feelings when the big surprise turned out to be a piano. I despised it on sight. My tutor ~ and that pesky violin ~ fared no better. But at 8 years old, does one have a choice?

Summer Camp 1961
Come high school, my parents reluctantly agreed to let me quit orchestra and join the school’s choir. Mind you, I did NOT have a great singing voice. (Theirs was the FUN crowd!)

Ironic, but these days, I’m married to The Music Man. While he no longer plays professionally, DH adores tinkering. His results seem effortless.

Sooner or later it had to happen. A few weeks ago I ventured to DH’s sanctum. Assuming a seat at the keyboard, I glared at the keyboard.

Squiggles and symbols on sheet music bear no more resemblance than say, the Russian alphabet.

I like to think my memory’s keen, but this????
Somewhere along the way a large chunk of my brain cells simply EVAPORATED.

Chagrined? Yes.
Regrets? I’m still trying to sort it out.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to live out my days as the designed applause-maker.


  1. Every one has a job to do - but I agree with you about one thing - my brain cells are lessening!

  2. Hi sistergirl, I've missed you...all of you kindred souls but am back with you now and so glad. Your post made me smile. Just a few weeks ago my youngest daughter who will soon be 47 brought out her Clarinet from school, and lo and behold we both played it and still could, although my pucker is not as puckered and the false teeth kinda got in the way...forget about not having the air. But a tune we played and it was a hoot. Guess some things are never forgotten but the skills sure go by the wayside!

  3. I have the same experience when I pick up my flute. I hardly remember a thing. I can still play "Born Free" from memory, though.

    Scratch that. I can play the first FEW LINES of it. No problem, that's the only part I know how to sing, too.

    I love how you call yourself "applause maker". I'll borrow that one.

  4. Oh, this post hit a note, no pun intended:) I have a piano sitting in the family room. Wayne bought me beginners music books and I sweat blood but scraggly notes did finally come. Of all things, my best are The Star Spangled and O Danny Boy.have not touched a key for 10 years.

  5. HI!!!
    I played the clarinet for about 4 years....it at least taught me how to read some musical notes and gave me a love for music, classical or Rock....I have tried to play the piano, my fingers just do not want to cooperate....I have it on my bucket list....
    I love music
    it soothes the soul


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