Saturday, June 18, 2011

This is Why


Feeling unable to write is embarrassing .. and habit forming.

Perhaps, my intertia is due to a need to act "correctly"
... and the accompanying fear that I'll sound foolish.
Or worse, chronically negative.

If you can't say anything nice ....

So then, why I do I blog?

Several years ago I discovered one of my favorite authors maintained a blog of her own.  Before I knew it, I'd devoured the whole of her down-to-earth, often humorous reflections.

Her website invites feedback, and though I've never been given to "fan mail" I posed a question and hit "send."   Her thoughtful reply, only a few hours later, expressed surprise that I'd read her entire blog.  "Wow, Myra.  That must feel like reading my autobiography ... which, I suppose in a way it is."

Have you seen that popular slide show set to Gabriel Garcia Marquez' "final goodbye"?    One phrase just "popped" --
Nobody will remember you if you keep your thoughts secret.  Force yourself to express them."

I suppose, that is why I blog.  The good, bad. and occasionally. the ugly.  

What do you say, let's encourage one another to share what they feel.


  1. Sounds good to me. Although I still think I interact with some of the more intelligent bloggers! At least they interest me. Your blog is a great place, my friend!

  2. Sounds perfect to me - not only encourage them to share what they feel, but if they feel different - let them express it w/o fear!

  3. I agree completely. In fact, a friend has just tipped her toe in the blog waters this weekend and asked me to take a look and encourage.

  4. I love that you blog...b/c you do....I've met you. And your words...your thoughts always make me smile. Have a great week out there

  5. Oh Myra! What a nerve you hit with this post. The Old Salt has been trying for quite some time to convince me that my blog should not be undertaken like a job, but, only written for myself and without regard to how many hits, comments or followers it gets.

    But, I am compelled by the need to see my words and photos in print even if it must be a blog on this crazy thing called the internet instead of a best selling novel or the cover of Life magazine. And, if no one tells me that they have seen my stuff for good or bad I feel as if I failed somehow.

  6. Thank you for visiting Not Accidentally and leaving a comment. I love this post about not keeping secret your thoughts. I struggled with thinking my writing wasn't interesting enough at first, but I truly love blogging. I have another blog too---Tin and Sparkle. I read in your bio that you are a Red Hatter, me too---I have so much fun in the great orgainization.

  7. I absolutely agree!!! While I don't think we should air all of the dirty laundry in blogland, I do believe we must write from a place of honest emotions and feelings.

  8. I find great comfort in my blogging friends who allow me to post honestly.


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