Saturday, June 4, 2011

Still, Learning to Pray

So, tonight I'm thinking of that line from so many fictional dramas, where the presiding Judge declares, "The jury will disregard ....".   That always cracks me up! Can anyone really UN-hear something?  And would we want to?

A while back, I was half-listening to a radio host dissing a group of religious fundamentalists who planned to gather at a filling station to pray for lower gasoline prices. He opined, "Oh, come on! God is too busy with meetings and stuff to deal with the price of gas."

I probably uttered a little "huh?" and shook my head ... moved to my mind's "spam" box.

Or, so I thought.
Towards the end of April, I "came down" with a loathsome cold/flu bug, whose after-effects seemed to linger.   Most of May I spent just going through the motions. Not actually "sick"=sick, but feeling as if someone had let the air out of my balloon.   Know what I mean?  Sleep appeared impossible.

I recall closing my eyes each night and saying, "Please, God. Just let me sleep throughout the night."

Then. "I'm sorry! You've more important things going on."

I mean, all we have to do is turn on our TV or radio ... or Blogland. It's truly frightening out there. And here, I'm asking for Divine help to stop coughing.   Geesh.

I love what Rabbi Packouz says about prayer in his Shabbat Shalom "fax of life."

Many people mistakenly feel that they should only pray for big things. Not so. Prayer is about creating a relationship; it's about understanding and appreciating the Source of all blessing. God is the loving parent who wants only good for us.

Prayer not only helps create the relationship with the Almighty, it keeps the relationship strong. Imagine the difficulties of asking your father or mother for help after not speaking with them for years? God will listen to us when we call out to Him. It is just easier to ask Him if you keep your relationship current.

A prayer has three components: 1) Praise of God. (He doesn't need our praises; it focuses us on Who we are talking to. 2) Requests. 3) Thanks. It is the height of good manners to show appreciation!

Man proposes and God disposes. 

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderfully blessed evening ...  thank you Charlotte and Ginger for this "House Built on Love"!


  1. This is such an excellent post, Myra. I'm so sorry you have been so ill with this thing hanging on. My hubby has been fighting a cough for 8 months. Finally he was prescribed an inhaler that is helping. No fun, so I'm sympathetic.

    Love ya,

  2. I love this post too Myra....hope your weekend is the best! ☺

  3. Love this, Myra. I'm so glad to serve a God who is mindful of our smallest need. It's His delight for us to consider praying about every aspect of our lives. Nothing too big, or too small for Him.

  4. Hello Myra, yes praying is like talking,and He is always there to listen. Praising him should be in our heads all the time. God is so good and also has a great sense of humour..sometimes I just think things and He answers. Hugs from Oz.

  5. Thanks for sharing these thoughts about prayer. It's really a lifeline for us! Blessings from Spiritual Sunday!

  6. The Lord wants us to ask him AMEN! Thank-you for this post today.I hope that your feeling better and have more energy.
    God Bless,

  7. Wonderful post. Thank you so much for coming by and reading our story about how my DH and I met. And becoming our newest follower! My sisters and I write once a week for this Not Accidentally. Two of us also have our own blogs mine is at at and would love for you to come by. Blessings, Debbie (the middle sister hehe)

  8. FANTASTIC! I really love this post and think you (and the Rabbi) have hit the nail on the head.

  9. Oh yes, Myra. God delights in our "little things." I've always been happy about that.


  10. I hope you are feeling better first of all - those long summer or spring colds last forever.

    I think we can talk to God all day long - and we can tell him our big things and our little things - just like a friend...

  11. Good point. I'm glad God is interested in the little stuff because I know I sure am. We're concerned about our children's problems even when they are little ones so why wouldn't God be concerned about our little problems. Thank you for pointing this out.


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