Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thank Heaven

....for little girls.  And little boys!

I'm a little late, but wanted to share some photo memories of Father's Day spent with (2/3-rd's of) our offspring. 

These are the days we remember!

 Sweet Audrey blue eyes!

Mitchell's just groovin' ....on a Sunday afternoon.
 No, I don't want to hold it, Estefan .... 
but thanks for the offer!

DH donated an old keyboard ....
perhaps Brian will follow in Grandpa's footsteps?
 Cousin's garage band!

 Grandpa's ~ and Grandma Myra's happy place!


  1. Oh, I love this! It's so full of smiles and happiness. I hope to have a clan like that one day.

    And by the way, I had never seen pics that I can recall of YOUR Sir Lotsa Hair. I'd say you are blessed in multiple generations, Myra!

  2. It's never too late for adorable pictures. It looks like a very happy place!

  3. I think that is one of the best things I've seen all day. Love all your wonderful grandchildren!!!!

    And was so awesome to see such a pretty picture of you!

  4. What a bundle of blessings granchildren are. They will also grow up together. Your Estefan looks like my grandson Elyshah when he was small. So special and so sweet. God bless you all. Wonderful photos and memories. xx

  5. HI!!!
    THANK YOU for visiting my blog!!!You have a lovely family and you should be all smiles over them!!Consider yourself extremely Blessed!!!I am anxious to add more little Grands to our already Blessed Laps!!!
    You asked How I captured those pics on the ship without crowds, because we are a Crown and Anchor member, we boarded the ship at around 11 or 12 so early before the throngs arrived!!!And we were down stairs every morning by 7 a.m. to do one of our tours. This was our first time in Europe so I had tours booked every single port. Alot of Europeans have been to Florence, and Rome and stayed on the ship to enjoy the quiet!!!
    I love cruising too, makes vacation so much simpler!!!
    thanks for visiting

  6. And by the way, LOVE that Disney Bambi and we say that line all the time!!!!
    Some people JUST DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SAY something nice, I know alot of people sadly like that, and even sadder most are family. They are so critical and judgemental of everything we do.
    It makes life interesting, like is it better to say Nothing at all or do you Stand up for yourself and say MIND your own Business????
    have a great day
    glad to see you are an AZ lady!!!
    We do get together a couple times a year for luncheons, So I will keep you posted

  7. Thanks for sharing these photos. What joy your grandchildren must bring you! I look forward to being a grandma some day :)

  8. What terrific pictures! Everyone looks like they are having a grand time,



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