Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't Forget the Lyrics!

I'm supposing, on some level we're all followers of the late-great Mitch Miller?  Follow the bouncing ball!
...And don't you just love it when a 'congenial voice' inside the dashboard invites his listeners to "sing along!"   

That is, until the next song contains lyrics outside my paygrade!  I'm thinking, the likes of Guantanamera ... Sukiyaki ....
...and of course, a olde fav, "Melody of Love."

Weary of my own tortured accompaniment, I finally googled the lyrics and presented to DH for an impromptu Polish lesson.   (He's no longer fluent, but most times can understand the written word.)

Darn.  Try as I might, I couldn't get my tongue to work around the inflection.   But, I give myself props for being a great "la-la-la" -er.   With vigor!

Come on, won't you sing along?!



  1. What a blast from the past - I remember this song!

    My husband's family is Polish!


  2. Hey, we're czech/austrian/german. Kolaches, lots of cabbage, garlic, were our life. Ohhhh, the gas! Sure loved the bouncing ball of MM's show. We never missed it. Sigh.....all I can say is, "thank God for PBS" for today's viewers.

  3. Fun...I always enjoyed Bobby Vinton. I was a big fan of Mitch Miller and spent a lot of nights in my grandmother's living room enjoying the show. And only in New York...Leslie Uggams parked her car in the same garage for several years that we parked our office vehicles. Definitely not the same model of vehicle.

  4. Loved this. However, I couldn't do those Polish words. I kept trying to pronounce them as they looked. LOL

    But I do remember this song so I just kept singing the English part.

    Return to meeee
    And always beeee
    My melody of lovvvvvve.

    Plus, I can do the la la lalalala la laaaaaa
    part too.

    Thanks for the fun!

  5. You are one bound and determined woman to relate to that Polish man of yours on the deepest level! I love these Polish flavored posts of yours because they bring me back to my roots! I can't read it or speak it though! Happy Valentine's Day to a cute couple!



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