Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love on a Plate

Late out of the gate -- I was probably 19 y/o before I first tasted chicken-fried steak .. . being I wasn’t too fond of chicken. (Late and slow!)

Well, it didn’t take but a minute to fall in love with long-forgotten establishments the likes of West Texas’ Red Barn and Ma Brown’s.

While these menu offerings are still duplicated most everywhere … I soon became (overly) obsessed with a certain number on the bathroom scales … denying foodie passions like one might an embarrassing case of acne.

And so it was ….. until a few years ago when health and circumstance compelled me to just Relax and Enjoy.

Still, I’d quite forgotten about the chicken-fry until our visit to Alabama last Fall.  During a pit stop halfway to the airport, DH and I opted for a bite to eat – more in keeping with the hour than actual hunger pains.   And what do you know, there I was, nowhere's close to size 6 .... throwing caution to the winds!

Mind you, it’s been 40+ years, but I rediscovered Love on a Plate.....

Dessert? Not if we wanted to stay awake the remainder of our drive!
Instead, it was the soul’s-satisfying kind when our sweet waitress invited us to “come again.”   Learning we were headed back to Arizona, her big brown eyes grew wide and she reached for my hand.... “So, so far! Well then, I’m asking the good Lord to shower you with His travelling blessings … until next time.”

Indeed … and I’m looking forward!


  1. Good old country fried steak - a healthy meal for

  2. Hee hee, look how long it took to get so smart!
    That, is indeed, love on a plate. So glad that you allowed yourself to throughly enjoy it to the max~ahhh, life is short, we need to do this more often. Guilt is evil!

  3. That looks so good Myra!

    I wanted to let you know that I am currently organizing a Bloggers Tea for March 26th.
    All the details are on my current blog post.
    You are welcome to grab the button and spread the word.

    I hope that you can make it. It should be a fun day.

  4. Wonderful post. And, I agree with all the sentiment as well.

    You are welcome at my table anytime and I would be delighted to serve you the newer less calorie version of this old favorite. After all I am the daughter of a G.R.I.T. (girl raised in the south) and learned to cook from the best cookbook on the planet the orginal "Southern Living." But, since both hubby and I have to fight the battle of old age and the bulge I have been forced to come up with smarter alternatives.


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