Saturday, February 5, 2011

The 11th Commandment

I think (the) writer Wayne Muller makes some very interesting points in his book, "Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest."    For instance.....

"God does not want us to be exhausted!  The Sabbath is a time for sacred rest.  It may be a holy day ... the 7th day of the week ... or the first day of the week. 

But! Sabbath time may also be a Sabbath afternoon, a Sabbath hour, a Sabbath walk -- anything that preserves an experience of nourishment and rest.  It is the presence of something that arises when we consecrate a period of time to listen to what is most deeply beautiful, or true.... consecrated with our attention, honoring those quiet forces of grace that sustain us and heal us."

If we do not allow for a rhythm of rest in our overly busy lives, illness becomes our Sabbath.  Our pneumonia, our cancer, our heart attack ... (can) create Sabbath for us.
When we forget to rest, we will work too hard and forget.

God says:  'Please, don't.  It is a waste of a tremendous gift I have given you.  If you know the value of your life, you would not waste a single breath.  So I give you this commandment:  Remember to rest'."


  1. I remember when stores and offices were closed on Sundays. It wasn't that many years ago! I have fond memories of going to church with my family, then out to lunch or sometimes mom packed a picnic... We'd take a drive in the country or the mountains to enjoy God's creation. Those were precious days, indeed!

  2. I saw your comment over on Chatty Crone's blog and thought I would pop over to see you, from here in England. I would like to follow you, if that's okay with you. I love the picture at the top of your Blog! I, too, remember when shops were closed on Sundays. It seems to have gone too far the other way now. I enjoyed your post very much. All families SHOULD make time to rest and, preferably, spend some time together.

  3. there's a few posts on being still and resting. Hmmmm. I think He might be trying to get my attention. ☺☺

  4. I'm a huge believer in appreciating God's precious gift of a Sabbath rest. It saddens me to see folks refusing in the name of grace to receive that which God so freely gave them.

    Permission to rest.
    A directive TO REST.

    This is a great post. I'm glad to back in blogland for the evening to be able to read it.

  5. Mev, really loved today's posting. Rich reminders that our days are numbered, and that rest, renewal and retreat from the world is vital to keep/enhance our days on earth.
    Thank you dear.

  6. I loved Sundays for just this reason - I don't always rest - but I try too. I remember everything being closed on Sundays.

    Nice thoughts today.


  7. What a timely,needed post. I hate to be negative but I am afraid that many who read this will sigh, smile, agree and go right on with the "rat race" of life. It's sad. But of course, it will get through to some and that makes it worth while. Keep writing good stuff.

  8. A beautiful post ~ Blessings ~

  9. I think this post was meant for me,thank-you.
    God Bless,

  10. I remember when stores and businesses were closed on Sunday. It was a time for being with church, being with family and rest.

    Thanks for this reminder.

  11. Rest. One of God's blessings. I agree with you! A healthy necessity.

  12. So true! I've strayed pretty far and know that getting back to more of Sabbath observance would be great on many levels.

  13. God knew how important rest was to our health and well being. All of his laws were given for our good. Some people believe God's laws are to "hold us down." No. They are to lift us up. Thank you for this Sabbath reminder.


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