Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hiding in Plain Sight

So, I opened a Facebook account last year ... invited a few friends ... then did nothing else.   The following (fictionalized) account might well be my own:

"Intelligent people she respected were constantly throwing things at her -- were the double entendres intentional? -- and she felt like Tom Hanks in the movie, Big, the part where he keeps raising his hand and saying, I don't get it!"

I've never possessed a knack for small talk.... knowing the right thing to say at the right time.  That, coupled with a reluctance to reveal too much information - one wonders, what am I doing here?  Perhaps it's time to fold my tent and back off stage as unobtrusively as I came?

Still, the little voyeur inside my head wouldn't be stilled.   What fun, plucking names from memory, peeking at their images, their now-day lives.

And then ...  there was a girl.  (Dear Granddaughter, that is.)  
With good humor, she navigates me through the social etiquette: 

"Where's the 'hide' button?
(Those who know me, realize the last thing I want to do at day's end is chat-on-command.)
"You can't hide, Grandma.  If some one's name pops up, and you don't feel like chatting, just log off as quickly as possible"!

And then ... there was a boy. 
An earlier version of myself believed  him, the Love of my Life.   UNrealistic, our so-called romance was doomed by geography, by language.   

My first reaction?  Wow, he looks so old!  (Granted,  I'm no longer a darling delinquent.) 

Time.   Time and circumstance proved great healers.  But, like a ragged cuticle, once in a while I'd allow myself to wonder, is he happy/wealthy/wise?  Or (gulp!), is he still living?

Decades later, continents apart, we're FB "friends" - satisfied to trade the occasional "Have a good day." 

Closure feels sooooo sweet.

Meanwhile?  I've got a lot of living to do .... right here n' now!


  1. You crack me up woman!
    Simply adore your music choices, I'm floating along with it.....

  2. Great writing…….LOVE IT !!!!!!

  3. Facebook can be both a blessing and a curse. Voice of experience, here. ;)

  4. I agree with you totally about Facebook. My daughter LOVES it - I do not understand it. I love blogging and she does not get it. So each to their own. And you have to do what makes you feel good and what is comfortable! Right?


  5. I love this post and you're playing one of my all-time favorite songs. I'm a big facebook fan.

  6. Funny~~but I must say I did find a way to HIDE from the chatting--it is under OPTIONS over where the chatty people are--hope you can find it!

  7. This is too funny! I found a few minutes today and so glad I came over to visit. You've been visitng my place for quite some time. Thanks for all your sweet comments. FACEBOOK AHHHH! my husband's take on it "they tell everything; we know how much (bathroom paper) they buy and what flavor". It can be a good thing keeping up with those who are miles away that we miss.
    But, I know exactly where you are coming from!

  8. I love you, dear sister, just the way you are! I, too, had that closure with the boy from my youth on FB. Couldn't believe how old he looks! Ha. I had to ask him if he was the same guy I dated in high school. Embarassing.

  9. I've had a facebook account since they started in 2005. Most of my family members are facebookies. I'm the only bloggie black sheep in the family.

    I finally deleted my boring FB account about 6 months ago and I don't miss the one liners at all :-)



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