Monday, October 11, 2010


Am I the only one? ... Empathizing, that is, with Bernadette Peters' character in that old movie (the title escapes me!) when Burt Reynolds observes: "Nice hairdo.  Do you ever find spiders in there?".

Ugh.  Haven't we all know that self-involved caricature whose wit comes at another's expense?

Me?  I'm prone to identify with the news anchor whose venomous, "I hate hair!" left me open-mouthed. 
Granted, there was a back story:  When I'd mustered the courage to approach the Great One to compliment her latest "do",  I'd no clue that for too long 'S' had received more viewer feedback on her hairstyle than her craft.
Oh vey!
Were I to identify my own shortcomings, hair would be right up there!
Like "little feathers" one stylist remarked. 

Hours spent praying I'd morph into a Breck girl are long gone.  God doesn't make bargains, does He?  

So, I cope - with a little help from my friends:  Loads of stickum, coupled with a crazy hot blow-dryer. 
Think Woody Woodpecker ... on a good day!

Ironic.  Those days I'm too busy to force my "feathers" to a preconceived mold are times it looks best!  I slap on a smile and step outside my self-conscious.  

If that doesn't work, there's usually a hat nearby.   God bless our lids!


  1. I grew up with curly hair during a time when straight was in....I ironed it, I chemically straightened it...finally, I just let it have its own way. My part changes from day to day, depending on the colic in front. I found a moveable hairspray that tames it 17 dollars a can! Sigh....what's a girl to do?
    Give it up I'm thinking...or wear a hat!

  2. I used to have long curly hair. However, I soon realized, not too long ago, that I could either prep hair or write a dissertation. So, off the hair came! Now it's short and I love it - very convenient fur!


  3. Hair can be a blessing or a curse. Thankfully, the good Lord gave me a great head of hair and I've always loved it.

  4. P.S. That doesn't mean it always looks great though. (hehe)

  5. HAHA! I can relate to your hair style lamentation. I have often considered posting about it... but then I usually "cool off" before I say things that my hair and I might regret later.

    I blame hormones.
    Hormones are to blame for everything at age 48.

  6. Hair...not much left. So I keep it short and easy and try to be thankful every time I look at my wisps. Glad the lighthouse photo spoke to you. I've made it my screen saver and feel good every time I see it.

  7. I have been blessed with good hair - and I'm trying to brag - the rest of me lags!

    It is naturally curly and I do flatiron it!


  8. In this day of Bedhead, we've got lots of hair grace!


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