Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And the beat goes on ...

You're right.  I've been reluctant to discuss my workplace in print - particularly since two of our own were discovered making inappropriate comments on Facebook. 

No company is perfect, but we do do a lot that's right.  For example, our uncompromising, aggressive approach to Safety training.   As with any public organization, we've had our fair share of tragedy. But(!) at the same time, lives have been saved by employees' instinctive response.

So we train, and re-train:  from blood-borne pathogens (eeeew!) ... to CPR/AED  -- including monthly emergency reenactments, etc.

And yes.... there's one in every crowd.
A while back, I'd not been told (or, wasn't paying attention) re. an upcoming drill.  Overhearing the "Code 3" radio transmission I summoned the "real" 9-1-1 by mistake.   'Caught a lot of kidding over that little incident!

Honestly, I hope I'll never have to use my training.   Deep down, I'm leery - not about catching some dread disease; rather, of goofing up.

Still, having lost two loved ones to coronary heart disease, I want to urge everyone to become ~ and stay! ~ certified in CPR/AED.  

The Choirboys -- er, Victims
This may sting for just a second .....

Our grown-up "Ken" dolls ... all better now!

  Yes, you can!  


  1. Very wise to stay prudent in CPR. When I was doing clinical practice, I had one patient that coded. Thankfully, I had many nurses and doctors around to assist!


  2. You know what - I am not sure or I forgot exactly what you do - are you a nurse? sandie

  3. I took a CPR course years ago. It was required at work (for teachers). After reading this, I think that I should find out a place which gives refresher courses. I quarantee that I'm rusty. Put rusty along with a tendency to have a panic button set on automatic, and you have a recipe for disaster.

  4. This brings backs so many memories of my class years and years ago. You're right, safety is of the utmost importance!

    Love ya,

  5. Way to go! Keep on pumping...
    Staying alive, Staying alive!


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