Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oooh, what a feeling!

So, I'm not real fond of having my hair trimmed every few weeks, but there's a sweet, silver lining!

No surprise, my hair "guru" is a busy gal.  There's not much time to cleanse... repeat ... and condition.
But I'm telling ya, let them stick my head backwards against cool porcelain and I'm a goner!  My nose goes into overdrive at those aromas ...........while the rest of me slowly melts

Why does it feel sooooo good to have someone else wash your hair? 

In case Life's gotcha by the horns today, why not wander over to Dayle's place for more great examples of being good to yourself ...  it's all about Simple Pleasures!


  1. Mevely, this just made my heart smile. I need to frequent hair salons, just to get my hair washed by someone else occasionally. It is a terrific simple pleasure.

    I'm so glad you came to the party today. You add a special spark.

  2. Oh grief, I'm glad you wrote this! If you hadn't, I might feel like a freak or something because I love the feeling of having the hair washed.

    This brought up a sweet thought to me: My father always had my mother wash his hair. He was really tall and "claimed" that the shower head was too short for his head. I think he just liked the experience of her washing his hair.

  3. This is such a wonderful simple pleasure. I love getting my hair washed by someone else, it's so relaxing.

    Love this.


  4. This is truly a simple pleasure. My shampoos never smell as good as the salons, even if it is the same one :)
    Have a blessed day my friend,

  5. I love this picture and it does feel so good to have someone do your hair...

  6. I so agree. Getting the shampoo is almost worth a trip to get my hair cut.

  7. This is just what my Momma used to say, and I think it has to do with the massaging motion on certain nerves. Something all women should do for themselves. But I don't do it. I nearly always cut and color and do my own hair. Hugs, Mollye

  8. This is a wonderful simple pleasure. I will enjoy it more the next time I have it done--smile!

  9. Oh yes - I can go to sleep in the shampoo bowl. A great simple pleasure.


  10. This is a great simple pleasure, girly friend! We all know how relaxing a head massage shampoo can be!

  11. Myra,
    I just had my hair shampooed and cut last week and yes, it is a wonderful and relaxing experience! A great simple pleasure. Sorry for being so late catching up this week!


  12. That picture reminds me of my youth - when my mom washed my hair. Gee I miss her.



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