Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are you ready for some football? 
(Part II)

You bet-cha!  DH and I've become huge fans of college football in the last couple of years..... specifically the Auburn Tigers.   Thank you, son!

'Not certain how to define this attraction.  Perhaps its (my) being awed by all the youthful idealism?   Since I've never been to a "real" college football game before, or tail-gated even!, we've planned our next trip to coincide with a storied rivalry this November.    

One problem.    My silly old heart goes out to these boys (OK, men) who suffer injuries .... humiliating mistakes.   In the final seconds of last week's game the opponent's wide receiver dropped the ball near the end zone - cementing the Tigers' victory.   And as the credits rolled, the sideline cameras captured his face -- wet with so many tears -- my own face began to crumple. 

Yes, that's part of Life.   What I've trouble wrapping my mind around are those gee-normous routs which occur so often.   I ask DH .... then son:   Why doesn't the winning orgaization "let" the other team score, just once - or, twice?"  
"If I were coach, I'd be known as, the "Coach With Compassion."  (So there!)

And, in separate conversations, a thousand miles apart, they answered as one:   "You'd be an UNEMPLOYED coach." 

Is this a "guy" thing?  

Guess I'd better grow a backbone, huh? -- and stick to my day job!


  1. LOVE this post. Yes, these boys of fall are huge, aren't they...yet, the tears indicate their youth really. I hear it now..."Oh, man UP already!" amongst the testosterone-laden crowd. Bad enough when you're humiliated...but for all the world to see???? But "let" the other team score? LOL!

  2. I'm right there with you! I feel so bad for the ones who make mistakes and then get blamed for the loss - it just hurts my feelings for them! This past weekend a close friend of ours son, who plays for Texas Tech, made a huge mistake which resulted in a penalty and a touch down for the other team. Texas Tech lost and the media is having a field day with the kid's mistake. Ugly!

  3. This made me grin! I have had the exact same thought. I love the answer that you got. It's probably true.

    Of course, what do I know? I annoy my husband because I continually refer to football uniforms as costumes.

  4. This made me smile also but for a different reason--a few years ago I went to Fayetteville AR to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks play the Auburn Tigers. There was a huge craft festival (the biggest in Arkansas) going on that weekend called War Eagle. In fact, it is located at War Eagle, AR.

    Arkansas led most of the first half but during the second half received a very sound thumping from Auburn. After the game while walking to the car, there was this "crazed lunatic of a guy" (we don't have any of these in AR-ha!) who kept yelling at the TOP of his lungs, WAR EAGLE, WAR EAGLE, WAR EAGLE.

    Well, at the time we all just thought he had been hired by the craft festival to promote the big fair. However upon arriving home I thought, "surely not." No one could get that genuinely excited over a fair. So I GOOGLED "Auburn War Eagle" and read the awesome story and got a little smarter that day.

    Hope your Auburn Tigers have a great year except for the Razorbacks. Go piggies!!


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