Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Come the Dawn

So, it's going to be another warm one today in the Valley of the Sun.  (Yes, I've finally grown accustomed to natives reserving the word "hot" for temps exceeding 110.)

Initially, my pre-dawn ritual was born of necessity.  Nowadays, it's a happy habit ... a Simple Pleasure. 

Armed with a cup of "jump juice", I cherish the cool(-ish) air..... the precious stillness. 
Navigating by memory, I pause to regard Orion's belt ... my interpretation of the Holy Trinity.  
.....And allow myself to wonder -- how many other souls may be stopped at that same moment, absorbing the constellation.   

In the time it takes to shower, the sky gently transforms itself -- the stars are no longer visible.  But, of course, they're still there!  It's my own mortal vision that's lacking.

Any minute now .... here comes the sun.   Genesis, rewritten with every dawn!


  1. This is just masterfully written,and I LOVE it. I have always loved the song "Morning Has Broken" because it expresses this same sentiment of a new day... every day... as God's re creation.

  2. That was beautiful - and don't you wonder - when you are looking at something like this - how many others are looking at it at the same time with you?


  3. Wonderful, oh I just love looking at the stars...living in the city you just don't get to see them very well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Myra,
    Simply beautiful. I love your translation of Orion's Belt into your interpretation of the Holy Trinity. The next time I look for it I will think of what you have written.


  5. The sky, and all things in it, keeps me mesmerized. Such a constant simple pleasure, yet the One who created it is anything but simple. :)

  6. I love love love this image. And you know what? I think you shine like those stars...☺


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