Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hardware, Software and Sippy Cups

Welcome 2017!  
So, my holiday withdrawal wasn't a big deal.
Sudden Landing is more like it.

Here I was, sitting fat, dumb and happy at my desk Tuesday morning  when hubby called to inform me our decade-old  computer was fixing to pass away.
"And what do you want me to do about it?"
(OK, I didn't actually say it -- but God help me, I thought about it!)

I was able to retrieve our critical docs and most pictures; in the long run, however, my inanimate friend sighed, "I'm tired" and drifted off to eternal rest.

Now several folks recommend Home Shopping Network, but I needed wanted something Right Now.

Sure n' there's a well-known big-box electronics store nearby.
Except, following a deplorable (love that word!) customer service incident years ago, I've refused to patronize them.

Cut off my nose to spite my face, eh?
Their advertised savings were significant, indeed.

Finally, compromising my long-standing Grudge, I asked DH if he would go ... while I toddled off to my hairdresser.

I should have listened to my instincts.

While Tom was assured, "Yes" -- our existing monitor was compatible -- he sealed the deal and began the transplant.  Except, the cable provided was not a fit.  When he called to protest, they just said, "Oh, no worries.  We've an adapter.  That will be another $47.95."

Oh, no, no, noooooo!!!
Lickedly split, that tower went back to the Hell from which it came, and we took the drive to their competitor across town.   The same set-up was nearly double the price, but their associates were well-informed and I just felt, well more confident.  And the adapter cable?  Only $14.99!

So, Windows 10 and I have been in mediation most of the day.
I'm not a happy camper ... but then I have to remind myself I felt the same way about my Fire tablet this time last year.

I don't know if it's a computer glitch or what, but this computer is ABSURDLY slow and prone to freeze -- and we've had to force it to shut down a couple times.  Thankfully, Tom's had a long, successful subscription to HP support and he's promised to renew their acquaintance tomorrow.

Oh, and the silly keyboard has misplaced keys!
Not so much the letters, but the little arrow-thingies and their kin are in the wrong place.   Sure, I could get used to it, but then I'll be all fumble-fingers at the office.  Sigh.

Speaking of work!
The other day I noticed some of the keys' surfaces are getting bald.  Weird, because I don't have acrylic nails ... actually, no nails.  Suppose being left-handed, I'm prone to type that side with more (ahem) vigor?  


Exciting, I know.

So, an unplanned big expenditure wasn't in my forecast for the new year ... but I can't resist a great deal.  A cute one at that!

My grown-up sippy cup recently took an unfortunate tumble.  Looking for a suitable replacement at Fry's, I spotted these ...

.... and realized I've a quartet of mason jars sitting home, gathering dust.

Unattended no more!
Aren't they festive?

Hopefully, (to borrow a phrase) our gray skies are gonna clear up and I'll remember to put on a happy face next time we chat.

Wishing everyone a great new week ..... and sending big old hugs from Phoenix!



  1. Oh Shucks. Ain't a whole lot more Frustrating than that which you have just 'ENJOYED'. the shopping experience, the one at home and the replace shopping thing. Yep I have done it and Imma thinking it is common with some of the dudes and geekes that are employed to sell the wonderful world of electronics. Hope Bro Tom can find some satisfaction. We are used to SLOW AND SLOWER systems. We are always on line thru a cell # and card. At times it is so slow you can play a full card game waiting. LOL I say at times, WHEN WE SETTLE DOWN WE ARE GOING TO GET THE NET CABLED IN!
    Anyway i do feel your pain and frustration. All justified!
    And YES all keys should be common on keyboards...
    I hope your week is WONDERFUL to make up for a dying confuser!

    1. Aw, thanks! Today Tom cleaned up and replaced the little plastic keyboard with our olden, familiar one. Little things mean a lot!

  2. The most important news is that you have a long, successful subscription to HP support and will be renewing their acquaintance for help drinking from a Mason Jar with an interesting concoction in it to strengthen your willpower to hang in there.

    1. Soooo true. HP support was/is amazing!

      BTW, the Mason Jar's contents are plain old water and a dash of diet Cranberry juice for pizzazz. (But after 6, I trade me some drinking vessels. LOL!)

  3. Sorry to hear about your computer problems and all the frustration. Windows 10 requires a learning curve, but I like it a lot. Hope things get better with each day.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Mary. I'm such a instant-gratification type. Who knows, but this may turn out to be a good Life Lesson!

  4. I detest computer problems. Make me crazy! I had Windows 10 for about half a day and had to go back to Windows 7. I just can't deal with change. Love the Mason jars. So cute!

    1. So, I'm in good company then? :)
      I just don't 'get' why companies don't find something everyone likes and STICK TO IT?

  5. There is no way to describe how computerization has complicated my existence and shortened my life expectancy - - and yet, we can't live without them (kinda like spouses or lovers, huh?...)
    I got my laptop on sale at Walmart, and so far so good (knock wood).
    I was tempted to advance to Windows 10 but decided to stay with 8. I don't like changes.

    And BTW - ALL of the letters have worn off my keyboard (made in China) which is why I make so many typing mistakes.

    The mason jars are dandy...I have a few of them, but usually only use them in the summer.

    1. Ha about spouses and/or lovers!

      I detest change (of any sort) as well.
      ... and whatever happened to "Buy American"? Pity sake, January 20 can't get here soon enough for me.

  6. A new computer experience is whyI no longer have hair. You can do a free month of online computer training from After the first month it costs about $30 a month but you can learn all about new software in a month.
    Good luck.

    1. OMG, your first line made me laugh out loud! I will definitely be checking out Thanks!

  7. That is definitely not the way one likes to start off the year. I was afraid my computer was dying but two of my sons managed to give my old one new life and even though it was only a hard drive that was replaced, It was in many ways like starting over with a new one. I have become attached to my computer and glad it still has life. Hope you get acquainted with your new one soon. Let the new year begin ! For better or worse, we really don't get a choice!

    1. How fortunate, your sons were able to transplant and revive your old computer!
      For better or worse .. you're SO right!

  8. I recently had to buy a new laptop and at first windows 10 made me crazy, but I adjusted to it and now I love it. but it took a while for sure. I have never had a new computer freeze so that could be a problem with what you bought. yowsa do I hate getting new computers. good luck. I have been through 3 keyboards. wearing off the letters on about 6 keys. I have to get new because bob one finger pecks and has to see the letters. I also on my old laptop had the keyboard replaced once after 2 years.

    1. HP Support to the rescue again! I just don't have the time or patience, but Tom said they spent more than an hour installing updates, etc. and so far (KNOCK WOOD!) there have been no more freezes.

      ... Thank God I'm not in the market, but I wonder if speed dating is as uncomfortable? Ha.

  9. Computer troubles are second only to car trouble...or maybe computer trouble is first. One way or the other, it is extremely frustrating! You can make your desktop look and function just like Windows 7 so your interactions with windows 10 can be minimal. Your new computer should not be freezing like that! I LOVE the Mason Jar "sippy cups"!! How cute and what a great idea!

    1. Aw, I SO appreciate the empathy, Terri!
      I wasn't so sure at first, but now I'm determined not to let '10' get the best of me!

  10. Computer problems are the WORST!!! I worked in tech support for 13 years, working on PCs. When I left to write full-time, I made the BIG switch to a Mac. It took me a day or so to get used to the differences, but (knock on wood) I haven't had a single problem. And these laptops will last as long as 10 years if you aren't a heavy user. I'll probably have to upgrade in five, though, just because I like FAST!

  11. Goodness! You worked in tech support and still remain smiling and upbeat? Props, girlfriend!!!

    I'd love to own a MAC someday.

  12. I also said I'd love to have a Mac someday. Then I realized I had far more yesterdays than I had tomorrows. The next day I was happily learning how to use my "almost" new Mac.


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