Sunday, January 1, 2017

A blessed season

Happy New Year, friends ...
It's good to see you on this side of the calendar!

Whew.  Is it my imagination, or weren't we about to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner just last week?

Our Christmas was lovely and mostly low-key -- just as I hoped.
Even our weather cooperated and turned delightfully chilly for a few days.   (Yes, I realize 58 degrees is considered balmy for some of you, but down here we folks dig out our parkas and mittens!)

Leaving my office a couple of days before, I had to stop and capture the impending storm.

Since Tom's son and DIL were hosting a big shin-dig at their place, we opted for burgers and actual conversation at Red Robin on Friday night.   Have to say, we were so pleased with the camaraderie.  The last few times we've visited their home, it's not unusual for there to be a dozen or more of Shaunna's relatives there, and -- like any home with little children -- there's little opportunity to sit and visit.

Somewhat concerning, we learned the tech company for which Tommy works has been sold and his job is being eliminated before long.  Thank goodness, Shaunna's an R.N. and will most likely return to work full-time.

The kids were super troopers until little Vivian's eyelids grew too, too heavy.   Mitch seems to be telegraphing his dad, "Enough, already!"

Like a couple of little kids, Tom and I could hardly wait to get home and open our presents.

Shaunna's so creative, and even included movie passes!

So cute, how they - together with my Alabama offspring - want to ensure their aging parents won't starve .... or thirst.  LOL.

Man, we've already gone through 4 of the 12 pounds of Conecuh hickory sausage Troy sent.   At this rate, we'll probably be making a mail order before Thanksgiving!

Christmas eve morning I finally got around to playing our Christmas CD's.  In years past, by the time December 25 finally rolls around, I'm so weary of hearing the same songs done over and over (and over)!
That afternoon we decided to take a drive and check out a little French bistro my hair dresser keeps raving about.
Wow.  Belying its exterior, the inside was darkened and elegant to the max .... and actually sort of reasonably priced.   
My martini with bleu-cheese stuffed olives made me feel like a real grown-up.   (Seriously, I'd this mental image of sipping with one hand and holding one of those long cigarette holders in the other .... even though it's been more than 3 years since I quit smoking.  Ha!)

'Couldn't wait to try their french onion soup -- purposed to be the best in the valley ... but when we poked through the pastry, the soup was clearly tepid .... as was Tom's entree.
(Of course, they graciously made things right so we'll most likely give them another try on a non-holiday.)

After our requisite egg-nog, Tom and I exchanged presents:
I got a TomTom fitness tracker (catchy name, don't-cha think?), a massage certificate .... and this --

.... whose weight and and rustle had me all sorts of confused for days, trying to guess the contents.

Do y'all exchange 'funny' gifts?  I hadn't experienced anything like that in ages.   Well, since the year I bought my 83 y/o mother a 'water bra'  -- which desperately didn't fit.   (TMI, perhaps, but that memory will make me laugh all the days of my life.)

Sweet Grace says, "We've no opposable thumbs with which to buy you a present, so we let you sleep late."  
(I couldn't believe no-one stirred before 7.  Unheard of!)

So, it appears I'm going to be walking more -- and, per a call from my doctor's office last week, I need to step up the hydration.   
('Don't suppose he meant red wine? ...)

All in all, a very blessed season was had.
But, like an adorable icon popularized on Facebook,
I'm not ready to go back to adulting!

Oh!  Before I go ...
Just for giggles, yesterday afternoon Grace and I put this New Year's wish together for y'all.

Thanks for accompanying me on our journey through 2017!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Loved the message, Myra, hearing your voice.

  2. Great message from you and Grace. Happy New Year to you and Tom. I like low-key celebrations; enjoyed reading about your Christmas!

  3. Love the neat gifts you got. And your message to us was the perfect one for us bloggers. Thank you. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too.

  4. I will put an AMEN to Dayle above. Hey and you really did not sound like a duck. Most folk to sound like a cartoon character since my implants.
    BUT,but the family time sounded great good report down to the presents. Thanks.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Tom. Enjoy the new year!
    (What a nice post after my nasty one tonite!)

  5. So sweet with your and Gracie's message! How funny with the funny gift with your mom and the wet bra! Its nice to have memories like that! Sounded like you had a great celebration of Christmas and an enjoyable time with Tom's family as well as Tom and yourself on Christmas day. Forgot to comment on your Facebook thing this morning, but loved the pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast! That's my kind of girl! (haven't forgotten to email phone number, will do so either tonight or tomorrow; hope you get this, but all arrived safely home in the wee hours of New Year's Day to Phoenix :)


  6. You obviously had a splendid holiday season - a loving family, great food, wonderful gifts...and new memories. Loved your holiday video message and the sweet photo of Grace.

    Wishing the very best for you and your family in 2017!

  7. A very Happy New Year ! The time flew by but yes, I do agree, it is a blessed season.

  8. How all this sounds like you started the new year off with a bang and had a wonderful Christmas and I assume a really good New Year's also. No wonder you wanted to get home and open all those presents she got a lot of nice gifts.

  9. Happy new year, Myra! Loved the video and new year wishes. Ditto back at cha! It sure sounds like you had a great Christmas. The peanuts and hairspray gift is delightfully funny and wonderfully useful! Grace is adorable. Love the look on her face! Cute little Vivian just couldn't go any longer and Mitch was sure fighting to not join her! LOL Good to catch up with you and to read about your holidays!

  10. Happy New Year! Hope 2017 brings lots of blessings to you and Tom and the entire phamily too. You always have a great spin on stories and I feel adly I have been so absent. We both spent six weeks feeling horrible, the hubby with bronchitis and me sinusitis. Finally got an anti biotic last week so I will be done with it in one more week. UGH! CHRISTMAS was great as was Thanksgiving. Trying to blog more and FB less, after the election I just got so sick of the negativity there and hatefulness too. Spend a little time at Instagram too. Hope all is well in Arizona. Take care. xo

  11. Loved this post!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Love all your gifts. But the best thing of all was the video. It is always so special to hear the voice of your blogging friends! Yours is beautiful! I hope this year crawls by. 2016 was just too darn fast!!

  12. Love your video. Sounds like a lovely Christmas. I do enjoy going to Red Robin. Love the gifts you received.

  13. Happy New Year to you Myra. Loved the video with your pup.
    Also, we had Conecuh hickory sausage for breakfast this morning with eggs, grits, and biscuits. Yum.


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