Friday, September 18, 2015

This 'n that ... and a quiz

G'morning friends,

I hope your week's been pleasant?

Personally I'm over the moon, on account our temps haven't even reached 100* in the last 5 days!   

That, and I'm enjoying the start of several 4-day work weeks! 
Rueful smile:  This morning I'd planned to rise 'n shine and hit the antiquities mall with a purpose.  Instead - because I opted to don new 4" heels to yesterday's annual meeting - then stood at the back of the ballroom -  my feet feel as if I stuck them under an 18-wheeler.

Lately, I've been thinking about sharing  ..... about compromise.
Maybe, that's on account I'm trying to convince our litter-mates that sharing is a good thing; that one does not steal her little sister's toys.  
(Grace seems amicable, but so far Macie's not having any.)

Anyone care to guess who's who?

So recently I admitted to a blog friend, "Sure and I'll offer you some of my popcorn. But privately, I'm hoping you'll say,  'no.'"    

Probably, being an only child - and once, a spoiled spouse, I never had to share.   
Almost 40 years later, I'll never forget R. surprising me with the car of my dreams.  Not long after, he let his teenage son take it out for date night..... then couldn't understand why his new wife was so upset.  

'78 Fiat X-19

Come to find out, in his own growing-up years he and his siblings each owned their own vehicle: Whoever happened to be going out just grabbed keys to whichever car was at the end of the drive.

These days, DH's own daughter and son are grown so we've no rivalry issues.  Plus, Tom has no issue with sharing his bag of popcorn! I don't get it, but he's one of those amazing species who never even finishes every last kernel! 

Is sharing ever been an issue in your household?
We chuckle about it, but more often than not, DH acquiesces.  Blessed?  You betcha!

('Jus an aside:  We don't get to the movies more than once or twice a year, but I wanted to give "War Room" two thumb's up!  
Not a great movie, perhaps, but the actors -  mostly unknowns - were all wonderful and it was a thoroughly 'feel-good' 2 hours.)

* * *

Four Fibs and a Truth

I actually got this idea from a 'getting to know you' exercise at my workplace.   
Since a few of you know me pretty darn well, it's a challenge to lie convincingly.  Even a couple of those contain a morsel of truth!

1.  I met my first husband when we were arrested at an anti-war ralley in the Spring of '69.

2.  While the team was out on their practice field just a few yards away, I sneaked inside the Dallas Cowboys locker room at their Valley Ranch headquarters.

3.  My dad once worked as one of Enrico Fermi's 'corpsmen' on the Manhattan project in Los Alamos.

4.  Once on a dare, I called in sick to work and went sky-diving.

5.  I was a passenger on the S.S. Yarmouth Castle that caught fire and sank off the coast of Nassau in the fall of '65.

I'm sure interested to hear your guesses!
.... but I won't tell 'til next week!

Now, I'm off to soak my feet in some epsom salts.  
I hope you all enjoy the weekend you've been given!

Hugs from Phoenix,



  1. I've been trying to send some cool Tennessee weather your way and it just might be working.
    As an only child, I never had to share or compromise - which made me rather selfish and perhaps self-centered. It also made me psychotic from being trapped in the midst of my parent's endlessly tumultuous problems.

    Four fibs and a truth?
    I think #3 is the truth (although for some weird reason I almost chose #1).
    I'll go with #3.

  2. I did hear that it was starting to cool off down south; that is nice to hear!! We do a pretty good job of sharing here except hubby does hold the bag of popcorn at movies and it can be difficult to share it. I did hear War Room was a good movie. Gosh, I see you doing all of those; I can't guess which one, but in a stab in the dark I'm saying #2?????


  3. I like the post, WE have had no problems sharing. I am hoping the implant works and I can enjoy a movie, That one sounds good.
    Now I will pick #3, It is a scientific guess. In writing tests I have a rough time staying away from 3 (c) as the answer. Also, I think you have been just adventurous (wild) enough to do the other, but have mixed in just the right mount of truth.
    ;-). However, I haven't a clue (as one Grandson is known to say)

  4. I was in the middle of 5 kids. Sharing was not an option we got to chose to do. We had to share in order to survive. Oh how I wanted to be an only child. Paige was an only child until her mother remarried and her new step-father was accompanied by two brothers. She had to learn how to share. And it wasn't pretty. I have never had a problem with sharing. Now on to this fascinating quiz.....I really, really want #1 to be the one that is true!! But I think it is #3. Although I think it is possible it is # 2. I am sticking with #3 as my final answer! Can't wait to hear you tell us which one it is.

  5. I had 2 sisters so we learned to share. It's also something I taught my kids. Now that's not saying that I always WANTED to share. LOL.

    I'm going with #3 because I think you may have mentioned that once, but #1 would be a much cooler answer. Now personally, I would have done #2 or # 4.

  6. I think #3 is the true statement! Sorry to hear about your sore feet. I love Epsom salts. Tom and I share so much that I hadn't noticed until a few Sundays ago at church. I was greeting and he was ushering so we didn't have lots of time but he poured himself a cup of coffee at the coffee bar in the reception area. I passed him and asked for a sip and my girlfriend sighed like it was the most beautiful intimate thing.....funny how couples are! We share our popcorn too!

  7. Living by myself, I do know I've grown rather selfish, but that was not always the case. All of your statements sound unbelievable, but I'm guessing #4 might be true, It'll be interesting to see what really is the truth. Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. We have had some awesome weather too and it feels to nice to only reach 80 degrees! Love that about sharing your popcorn. It's a tossup between #1 and #4. Enjoy your weekend and I hope your feet feel better.

  9. Locker room. I love this exercise. I might try it if you don't mind.

  10. I am catching up here so I would be cheating if I went with any answers here. Hee Hee! A great post as always.


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