Thursday, September 10, 2015

Friday Letters, September 11 edition

Hello again!  How are you, my friends?

Thank you so much for your kind words last week!   Our scheduled gluttony was great ... in theory.   
I think, because I've shunned carbs for so long now, the white-chocolate-caramel-macadamia-nut cheesecake was my undoing.  'Nuff said!  :)

What's new? 
Well, off the top of my head....

Dear Self,
In the future, just Put.Down the cuticle scissors and go pour yourself a glass of wine.

Imagine for a moment, my hair usually resembles Kramer.  With a steeple.

Unfortunately, the 'little bit' I thought I snipped off the top looked much longer laying there in the sink.

Now, I'm obsessing what to tell Mr. Sweet at next week's appointment.  Do ya suppose hairdressers really know for sure?

Dear Photograph-ees,
Maybe this isn't a big deal to anyone else.  
But it's a sort-of a big deal to me.

'Not sure how I got to be the (un)Official Photographer at our workplace and family get-togethers, but there, you have it.  

In the past, sure.  I've protested having my picture taken.  But it would be nice, once in a while, to be asked.

Dear Ghost of Lyrics Past,
Truthfully, I sort of get a kick out of your unexpected visits.

While brushing my teeth a few days ago, the little choir that lives in my mind started singing:  
"Or would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar? ...."

*Does this sort of thing happen to anyone else?*
(... and, if these lyrics mean nothing to you, you may be too young to be reading this blog!)

Dear Blog family,
No, today's date hasn't escaped me.  
I make no apologies for this crazy lump in my throat.

Oh sure, my head 'gets' that life must go on ..... but my heart still hurts when each awful anniversary comes and goes with little acknowledgement from the media.

If you don't mind my asking, Where were you when the world quit turning?

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Very nice! The hair cutting picture reminds me of Justin when he was 7. gave himself a haircut before school one morning (only his brother was home with him) and it was picture day!! Hop on over to my blog. I wrote about where I was on 9-11! We must never forget!!

    1. Your recount was wonderfully poignant, Paula. You've certainly a gift for conveying emotion.

      Oh, I hope you have a picture of Justin's 'home-made' haircut!

  2. Deliciously hilarious, as usual. I really laughed at the first one - - Kramer. With a steeple. It sounds impossible to eradicate it with a mere pair of scissors. Mr. Sweet will undoubtedly notice, but he is your friend. He can fix it.

    Ghosts of my lyric past pop into my head at all hours. Unfortunately, I remember all the lyrics to Gilligan's Island.

    I had completely forgotten about 9/11 until you mentioned it. Usually I put a tribute on my blog.
    I was shaving in the bathroom that morning, and I turned on the radio to hear the weather report. The terror of 9/11 was unfolding and I initially thought it was some kind of sick joke. It sounded like "War of the Worlds."

    1. Now, I've the theme from "Gilligan's Island" in my head! :)

  3. I do often have song lyrics pop up in my head and there they stay for a least a day. When the world quit turning I was a work listening to the radio and not quite believing what I was hearing. I for one cannot forget the day. 9/11 is also my oldest son and his wife's anniversary so I did one blog post for them and the other blog has my 9/11 remembrance. What a bitter sweet day as it was also my wedding anniversary too.

    1. Bittersweet. A perfect term to describe the joy - and the horror -you must feel about 9/11.
      Perhaps, to maintain our sanity, we must focus on what joy remains.

  4. Tell the truth the hair dresser :) He probably will know anyway :)

    I am really bad about having pictures taken of myself. I'm really trying to open myself up and get more pictures taken, though I have told hubby what pictures to include on my memory board if I pass before him (all flattering ones of course).

    We lived in Montana at the time of 9-11. Son was watching TV eating his breakfast before school. I happened to check in on him and saw a plane going into a building. I thought he was watching a horror movie. He was watching the truth, sadly. It was a day of shock and we lived over 2000 miles away. I can't imagine the shock of those living closer and the ones that had family and friends as victims.


    1. I had to smile at your censoring what gets put up on your memory board! That would be me, too!
      Except, after this last birthday, that doesn't seem so important. I'm trying to find humor in whatever ridiculous/hideous expression I might be wearing - which, unfortunately, is usually the case!

  5. My heart always hurts on this date. It is still unbelievably hard to comprehend the horror of that day.
    I enjoyed your letters. Take care.

    1. Thank you, Debby. I'm reminded of that Flavia saying (something like), "We feel sad -- but at least we feel."

  6. I really do enjoy your creativity in these posts. The smiles especially today were needed. Dr. Sherry says she will remove the bandages to expose the surgery and rebandage. (probably not a word).
    Of course the 'hair trim' did bring a smile. Into every life a little hair must fall.

    Love you lady..... Hugs to The Man also

  7. I'm so glad you guys lived it up last weekend and with dessert too. Yay. Yes, hairdressers know when we cut it ourselves; might as well fess up, sis. I always do.

    Remembering with you. I was sleeping when Tom called me at the foot of the bed: "wake up and watch the news with me." I still remember the fear that invaded our nation and going to work and wondering how long the terrorism will last.

    1. How long, indeed? Sometimes I wonder if that Pandora's box lid will ever close.

  8. Love coming over here. I cut my own hair in the kindergarten! Boy was my mother mad and I was the silliest looking kid for a while. LOL! 9-11 was tragic and I have read all the books the wives of many lost wrote. They are the jersey girls and they are very smart women, They know so much more was behind it all will ever come out. We were getting ready for work and were shocked watching it on TV. When I got to work the boss was a paranoid guy anyway but I was grateful he took lots of extra precautions in the weeks that followed! My nephews wife had her daughter Hannah on 9-11 13 years ago and she remembers wailing to the nurse I don't want my baby to be born on 9-11. The nurse told her, why honey you have a blessing to take home and there is a big difference in that than those who lost their loved ones. Gosh my friend Helen was in a panic. Her daughter was an airline attendant for American AIrlines and she was unable to reach her but later found out her daughter was safe in Southern California. They flown in the opposite direction.Linda Flowers who shared an office space with me was going crazy trying to reach her daughter. Her company had moved to the first building weeks before from Pittsburgh. Linda said God blessed her as her daughter was late for work that day. I am still stunned today how Americans overlooked that fateful day when no one was on duty all around the country for the FAA. My friend Nancy's son worked at NORAD and she use to say to him, "I'm your mom, you can tell me what you do, " and he'd always reply "I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you". Our government knew much more than they let on. I remember I did call my mother and I told her I loved her. Senseless murders of so many innocent lives. MAkes me sad still today.

  9. Wow, Anne. Thanks for sharing these vignettes; I'm particularly touched by your nephew's wife giving birth a year later. That nurse's response was beautiful.

    I agree, it's sad there's so much our government knew/knows. Then again, I've serious reservations that the general population could handle it.

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