Sunday, October 5, 2014

Killing me softly, with his song

I hadn't planned to chat about Those.Who.Entertain today, but learning of Paul Revere's passing leaves me a bit reflective.  
Inquisitive, too.

Do you recall your first concert?

Growing up in a community the size of your average saucer, I longed to live in New York City or Los Angeles.  I longed sit alongside those screaming in Sullivan's audience.   Instead, I sat cross-legged, inches in front of our black/white television, dreaming of the day I'd reside in a Big City.

A few years later, I was thrilled to attend a campus concert by one of my favorite artists.   Unfortunately, the poor fellow was so messed up on gosh-knows-what he couldn't recall the words of the opening song and had to be led off-stage.    Naïve, yes, but I remember feeling soooo sorry for him -- and really upset at my supposedly-religious fellow students' jeers and boos.   (Thankfully, I learned he subsequently cleaned up his act and turned his craft to a 'contemporary Christian' genre.)

All the same, I was hooked -- on the smells and sounds and energy -- even before the artist(s) took the stage!   One of my favorite memories involves a B.Y.O.B. affair in the early 80's where we sat at portable tables and danced in front of an "up-and-coming singer" by the name of George Strait.   I wasn't really 'into' c/w music at the time, but had to admit he was pretty cute!

Obviously, some were better than others.  Perhaps my biggest let-down was a surprise trip I'd planned for my then-husband to see Ole' Blue Eyes at Reunion Arena in Dallas.   Unlike "R", I wasn't especially fond of Sinatra - and even less so after the lukewarm performance where he appeared wholly disinterested.

A few years later I began work at Tampa Bay's CBS affiliate where I was astonished to realize, concert and theatre tickets could practically be had for the asking!  Crazy, the things I used to take for granted.  (It may be a common practice, but now that I'm on the "other side-looking in", I don't think that's especially fair.   LOL!)

These days, DH and I've not attended a concert in ages.   Oh, a few years ago I won a radio contest to see Neil Diamond, and his show was just as amazing as I remembered from 1972.   Unfortunately, transportation in and around the newly-constructed stadium was poorly orchestrated, and at least one concert-goer was trampled and badly injured in the exodus.    Tom sometimes experiences difficulty maneuvering, so I do my best to avoid crowds.  

Sure, there are times I miss the energy.
... But I was only mildly disappointed recently at being "Caller #5" when the tickets to see Kris Kristofferson were meant for "Caller #6."   
Aside from the obvious, most nights I find myself yawning uncontrollably after 9! 

Irrational, perhaps ... but I'm always concerned that someone I've adored for years will turn out to be a huge disappointment.    I may be the only person on the planet who disliked George Strait's much ballyhooed farewell concert.   Has something like that ever happened to you?

All else aside, is there someone I'm still dying to see?   You bet-cha! :) 

(Say, I never claimed not to be a square!)
When we were in Vegas a couple years ago and had a chance to purchase tickets I balked at the prices.  Instead we returned to our rental, stuck a bag of popcorn in the microwave and watched one of his 'live' performances on DVD.   Not so sure I'd do the same today. 

If you don't mind sharing, I'd love to hear your own concert-going stories -- the good, the bad and the ugly!    Is there a special someone you're still longing to see?

Hugs from a deliciously-cooling Phoenix.   Have a great week, everyone!





  1. Hi my friend, I am the one, maybe the only one who has never attended a concert. We did attend a Frankie Avalon show in Vegas that I really enjoyed. I did not enjoy the lead in and I cannot even remember his name.
    Frankie was very enthusiastic.
    One time in the Catskills we were just bumming around and spied a county fair and stopped. WOW there was a show called "Rain Drops and Boon Docks". We got to see a great show from Billy Joe Royal and B J Thomas. the crowds were small, a couple hundred at most. As they performed their hearts out a young lady beside Sherry said, "Are they supposed to be somebody?"
    Ahhhhh we all age out!!
    I did enjoy the visit though as we get to see more of the real YOU! SWEET!!! and thanks..

  2. Going to a concert is always fun. But we don't like crowds either, because of our mobility. we always try to get seats close to the side door, so we can sneak in at the last minute before concert starts and out before the stampede afterwards.

  3. Saw Elvis twice. Once when he was at his prime and once in his decline when he was so spaced out, he couldn't remember the words. Saw Reba McIntyre twice., Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Randy Travis, Jimmy Buffett, Hank Williams, Jr. (He sat on a stool all night and didn't seem to know where he was), Rod Stewart (yay!) Merle Haggard, Billy Joel, The Osmonds (not Marie), drove eight hours to see Neil Diamond, Crystal Gayle, Marty Robbins, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Alan Jackson, ..... And The Wiggles.

  4. My very first concert was to see Johnny Cash...I was country when country wasn't cool! :) We sat on the front row and I was over-the-top excited. June was with him. Then Richard and I saw a couple of Kenny Rogers (before he went crazy and ruined his face with plastic surgery.) His shows were amazing. I took my oldest son to a beach party held at a baseball diamond and The Beach Boys and Three Dog NIght preformed. Really, really cool! We saw Roy Orbison amd Chuck Berry preform at a River Festival in the 80's and most the people there didn't even know who they were. If wished I had gotten to see Elvis. He came as close as 50 miles from where I live but his tickets were $50.00 and at that time that was way too much money. Can you imagine that now?? At our local State Fair we saw the Judds at a FREE outdoor concert a few years before they hit the big time....thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  5. What a fun topic to read about other people's concert experiences, including your own, Myra :) My first concert was Yes, Peter Frampton, Gary Wright and one other performer that I cannot remember the name of right now, close to 40 years later. It was an outdoor concert and I didn't wear sunscreen, enough said, LOL :)

    I did see Neil Diamond shortly after and saw him two other times, all great concerts!

    Saw Jethro Tull and Earth Wind and Fire before I met hubby.

    Saw Earl Klugh (jazz) cause hubby was into him. Endured that one, LOL :)

    Saw Phil Collins twice in 1994 within weeks of each other, once in Las Vegas and then in the same area we lived.

    Last concert I went to wsa the Eagles back in 2005 when we lived in Montana. I thought the ticket prices were outrageous, $110 each, but it was the Eagles, LOL.

    Paul McCartney was just recently here last week. When I heard he was coming I thought what a neat experience to see him just for "old times sake" but didn't want to put up with the crowds, etc., plus the cost of the tickets.

    I'm not sure if we'll make it to any more concerts and I'm sure I missed some down the line. What great memories these brought up!

    Son is visiting your area this weekend; should be back tonight; will have to hear what he has to say :)


  6. Great post. I've been a concert nut for as long as I can remember - I saw Elton John in the late 70's and it is still one of the best concerts I ever saw. He was FAB!!!

    I've see Johnny Cash more times than anyone else. John Denver, Jethro Tull, 10 Years After, Van Halen (where we got contact high's from all the reefer- no complaints here LOL), Neil Diamond, Cher, Reba, Tim McGraw, Travis Tritt, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Gary Allen, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Brooks& Dunn.... The list goes on and on.

    We're going to see Cher again in January and I'll be sitting at my laptop tomorrow at 10 am to get advance tickets for Neil Diamond - my personal favorite all time musician - LOVE him.

    Oh, listen to this - in the mid 1970's the band Chicago lived by my house. When they were in town they practiced at an apartment down the street and we'd sit outside and listen to them. AND the band Styx played at my Jr. Prom. They were from Chicago too and weren't real well known yet.

  7. Well, you read my post and so you KNOW who I am totally in love with and would follow to the ends of the earth.
    No kidding, I've been to a lot of concerts but never..NEVER...experienced anything like Mr. McCartney gave us. Tell your friend she won;t regret going to see him. He is AWESOME...AND tireless...and cute...and can still sing...and and and.....
    O, and a blogger friend told me she saw Barry M. and was so disappointed as he had no interaction with the audience at all...the one I WISH I had had a chance to see...Mr. Ray was my man. Yes, ma'am, that man...o, how he could sing.....

  8. Jilda and I have seen lots of concerts beginning with bands in the early 60s.
    The Eagles, Jackson Browne. John Prine, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and John Stewart to name a few, but the list goes on.
    Some of my favorites have been bands and singer/songwriters that most folks have never heard of.

  9. The best concert in recent years was Tony Bennett. Oh my ... He makes the complex look effortless.

  10. My concert experiences have been mostly limited to those on tv. Recently watched one on PBS with Barbara Streisand. I think the crowds would be too much for me.

  11. I got engaged at a Paul Anka concert in 1973 I think.
    Saw the Beatles in 1963 (?) at the Atlanta Fulton County Stadium;. My daughter took me to Bon Jovi for my 60th birthday. Oh an I saw Keith Urban twice! I'm happy. Hope you get to see all the ones you want.

  12. Here’s who I hope to see someday: Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow too or Michael Buble and the Jersey Boys. When the kiddos were teeny, we’d leave them with mom and get away for the weekend. We were in a saucer town once and stayed at the Holiday Inn. We went to the lounge one evening for a drink and that’s when we learned about small town entertainment: the girl singer, lip syncing to records. We saw some good shows in our time: Neil Diamond, Sammy Davis Jr., and Kiss. We saw Glen Campbell at the Casino in Camp Verde several years ago and he was great.


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