Saturday, October 11, 2014

Do you smell that?


So, I've been doing a lot of smiling in the last 48 hours.
Not just because DH's latest CT scan warranted a great review from his oncologist (which is pretty awesome!)

... but I think Summer's finally releasing her grip on the valley.  Woo-hoo!

Just yesterday morning - instead of automatically hitting the A/C, I felt like rolling my car's window down.    Not 10 minutes later, I caught the unmistakable aroma of a commercial bakery, and my toes began to curl in unison.

... Which got me pondering.  
Aside from baking bread, or a porterhouse steak sizzling over a mesquite-wood fire, here's a baker's dozen of my favorite, happy aromas.

Bubble gum

Garlic and onions simmering in olive oil
Movie theater lobbies
Brand-new textbooks
Wooden matches
Supermarket freezer-chests (it's been a long time since I stuck my head deep inside and inhaled ... only on account grown-ups aren't supposed to do that sort of thing.)
Ponderosa pines

Elmer's rubber cement (remember those adorable pots in elementary school?)
Original Jergens lotion
The lumber section of a warehouse
Horse stables
A lit pipe (preferably held by a gent wearing a smoking jacket, cradling a cognac in his other hand.   Ahhh!)

Have I struck a chord with anyone?  
What would you recommend?
Thank you for pausing to visit, and please, have yourselves a sweet new week!


  1. Yep I have to agree about pipe tobacco. Richard smoked one for years and his favorite was a cherry blend that smelled so heavenly.....I love the smell of fresh baked bread and vanilla or citrus (either oranges or lemons)...Congrats on the good news for DH!!

  2. Fantastic news about hubby! I liked a lot of your smells, haven't smelled Play-Do in years, but just seeing it here I immediately got the smell in my mind :)

    I may be weird but I like the smell of a cigarette when first lit, even though I have never been a smoker :)


  3. Smells are wonderful this time of year. We've not had to use the a/c in almost 2 months now. I love it when I can open up windows and get some fresh air in. But it is cold here and windows are closed and the furnace running this morning. Great to hear your hubby had a good report ! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. You're right, these are all terrific smells. Peeling an orange, grating nutmeg, and maple syrup all smell delish too.

  5. Oh yes, Everyonce in awhile as we stroll around the RV park in the evening some smart aleck will have some beef cooking and send my nose into over drive. At times I will callout, "Don't you know that is illegal?"
    But the scents you mentioned brought up so many memories. I used Rubber cement a lot in my magic acts for kids years ago, I still go out of my way to walk thru the lumber dept of Lowes or Home Depot.]
    Back packing in the mountains there is a beautiful fresh smell near cascades or waterfalls and the smell of hard wood on a camp fire.

    VERY good entry. And great news on the latest with TOM

    PS: And then there is BETTY above who likes the smell of a cigarette and never smoked, I LOVE that smell and WAS a SMOKER, but it doesn't tempt me as it once did (thank goodness).

  6. WONDERFUL NEWS for you and your husband.
    How about Yankee Candles?

  7. Congrats to Tom - wonderful news!

    I like everything you said but especially the Jergens lotion because my grandma used it.

    I also like lilac scented soap (same grandma) and leaves burning in the fall. Turkey roasting in the oven.

  8. Nothing like the aroma of something to conjure up a memory. LOVE all the ones you picked. Garlic and onions simmering are on my mind because I'm hungry.

  9. I love the scent of fresh-cut hay. When Jilda and I were in California a few years ago we rode with she windows and caught the aroma of redwood and as we drove down highway 1, we smelled the dill growing on the roadside. I wanted to move there.

  10. I so love your adorable and cute personality. :)
    Rain, gasoline, fresh cut grass, a baby's little neck...cigar smoke..cookies baking...Downy

  11. Girlfriend, we are kindred spirits. I also love the smell of fresh-mown grass, a brand new baby doll, a new automobile, the smell of leather, a baby's skin ...

  12. You are a winner on my blog.

    So glad to hear about your hubby.

  13. I am so with you on bubble gum, though it's been years since I've had "real" bubble gum. I think it might be the end of my teeth. I love the smell of lilacs in the spring and wood smoke.


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