Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let's hear it for the hose!

From an early age I was besotted by my mother's silk stockings. 
On road trips I'd position myself 'just so' in the little cavity beneath the glove box and run my hand up and down her stockinged calves until sleep came.  

I could hardly wait for my very own pair!
Lordy, reaching that milestone made me feel like 100 bucks!
Never mind that my nerdy 14-y/o self wobbled like crazy in my first hose- n'-heels get-up.
I'd arrived!   

To complete the ensemble, certain accessories were in order.

To the best of my knowledge, no-one I knew was permitted to own one of these.

Instead, our mothers consulted with the matriarch of all things lingerie at Clement & Benner. 
An appraising once over ... a nod ... then old Mrs. Benner would pull open a narrow drawer and carefully present a tissue-wrapped GIRDLE for inspection.
I was mesmerized.  

While I've difficulty recalling the advent of pantyhose, I soon became addicted.  I loved the way they kept my legs cool in the summer, and toasty warm in the winter.  I even wore them under blue jeans!

Fast-forward to 2002.   July, to be exact introduction to Phoenix:
Clad in a navy business suit, nylons and heels, I must have been quite an apparition out there on the interview circuit.  
 (Those familiar with our 110-degree summer days and super-casual business attire may well be laughing aloud.)

Loathe to change my stripes, I continued to wear 'panty-nylons' (DH's term) for another few years before caving.

Imagine my surprise last Fall, when I happened on an old piece of luggage containing two dozen pair of L'eggs!   Woo-hoo!

Unfortunately, I'd quite forgotten the art of putting them on! 
Then came the ugly realization I was trying to squeeze 20 pounds that weren't there before into the unforgiving silk.   Yes, I hopped up and down.  
.....And yes, I swear those darn dogs were giggling.

Obviously, I need to pick up my game, shed some most of this unnecessary weight and start using those L'eggs again.  

'Casual' is all well and good -- but I can't help feeling better about myself in heels and hose.  

I'm curious!  
Ladies, are nylons still in vogue in your part of the country?

How about the fellows?
.... Do you care one way or another? 

As always, hugs from Phoenix!


  1. YEAH< I know what you mean, I love to caress Sherry's calves until I go to sleep!@(smile)

    I do like this reminiscing though. I remember back when the SEAM had to be straight! I have always loved pretty legs, and yes hose does do SOMETHING for the dress-up,

    I was sent ONCE AND ONLY ONCE to buy hose (L'eggs), I told my wife NEVER again. A zillion of them, sizes, colors, support, non, toes no toes heels no heels, Control ETC. I figured then WOMEN were GENIUS! Anyone who could figure the correct combination gotta have gray matter.
    BUT as always, I love the tale you spin....

  2. I meant to say, that dude climbing that leg has BIG ambitions!!! (SMILE)

  3. Most ladies here go bare legged. I myself wear pants all the time so I use knee hi hose. I fondly remember the days of nylons, though. This blog piece of yours made me smile.

  4. I remember my mom wearing nylons with the line up the back. And I remember belonging to a nylon club and every month I would be mailed 4 new pair of nylons. But that was in the 70's when I worked in an office and had to wear a dress.

    Hardy anyone wears nylons around here anymore. I couldn't even tell you the last time I wore nylons. I never cared for them much anyway. I never liked tights either when I was a kid. Great post!!

    1. I, too, belonged to one of those clubs. Oh the memories

  5. Oh the memories in this post, Myra! I remember my mom having a girdle that she wore on Sundays to church and how she would always the minute we got home from church get out of it as soon as she could :)

    What a great find with those Leggs :) That's what I would always wear when I wore panty hose. People pretty much here are very casual, no hose except if required by employers :)


  6. I'm sure I will be given the evil eye by some, but personally, I think women who wear upscale outfits without wearing hose look unpolished. There's just something about an expensive dress that is cheapened by bare and unsightly legs. I don't wear hose in casual settings, but do wear them to church and events that require a bit of dressing up, and I adore wearing tights in winter months. I've never found pantyhose uncomfortable, although many women complain about them.

    As for men, I read an excellent and quite humorous article years ago about men's' take on the subject and was quite surprised to read that a large majority of them prefer women in hose. I wish I could find the link to that article, but seem to have lost it in one of my computer crashes. It was a cute piece, though, with varying opinions.

    1. No evil eye here Dayle. I totally agree with you. I still wear hose when I wear a dress...however that is not very often.

  7. I have to say I remember them in movies. I remember the garters and I hated those. Don't care much for any kind of hose to tell you the truth. But it was interesting to see them on the movies and think about how dressed up things used to be - gloves - hats - hose - dresses!

  8. I loved this walk down memory lane Myra. I was a huge hose fan. I can remember exactly when pantyhose first came out and my first pair. The were freaking awesome. And I owned both a garter belt and a girdle. I liked the girdle better...I would still wear one today if it wouldn't make me have such a muffin top. Girls in our area don't wear hose. My granddaughter makes fun of me when I put on my pantyhose (and I still have a few eggs in my drawer too)

  9. OMG NO! That would be considered a huge fashion mistake here! I think I finally got rid of what I had in my drawer at least 10 years ago, and probably hadn't worn them for at least 5 years or more before that, and even then only for more formal occasions. Maybe Florida is different being so hot here!


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