Thursday, September 11, 2014

Going to the dogs!

Gosh, it's hard to believe a year has passed since our lives were turned upside down by two wee pieces of fur.  

Some may recall, I lost my precious Caraleigh in March '13 ... then Tom was diagnosed with lung cancer 5 weeks later.
When well-meaning friends recommended we adopt a puppy, I'm sure mine was a mirthless laugh.   No interest.  Ever.

Still, they persevered ... assuring me it would be great therapy to boost DH's spirits while he battled chemo and depression.  

So we listened.
....and I believed Tom when he said, 'We'll just look.'

Who was he kidding?
We both fell .... for different puppies.   Unable to arrive at a decision I remember saying, 'Let's get both.  How much trouble can that be?'
The litter mates - Macie and Grace - were adorable.  And yes, Tom's attitude did a real 180.   He'd lay for hours on the floor laughing out-loud as 'da girls' climbed all over his chest ... struggling to gain purchase on his head.

The oncologist was thrilled by the results of his next PET scan.

Unfortunately, I was ill-prepared for the pups' energy -- and total disregard for discipline.   While Caraleigh had been the Perfect pup, these impostors seemed bent on destruction.   

Cute Kong toys and bones were ignored in favor of
... unraveling the living-room carpet
... excavating furniture 
... gnawing on baseboards

... and swallowing inanimate objects.

Their developing personalities were so different!   DH has always called little Grace, 'the snuggler.'  In fact, her latest report card states, 'Grace just wanted love and attention, and that's what she got.'
On the other hand, Macie's a clown.  Her report reads, 'Rebel without a cause.'   Yup. 

Not wanting to risk emotional involvement, I kept them at arm's length.  
... and waited for the day Tom would come to his senses, agreeing to find them a new home.

Funny, but life has a way of turning the tables.   You know how cigarette smoke always seems to float directly towards the one person in a room who suffers from allergies?  
First Grace, then Macie developed this crazy attachment to me.

I tried to ignore their overtures.  In the name of all things Caraleigh, I did.   It seemed so disloyal to love again.  

But cracks began to form.
Recently when we took the girls to be boarded, Grace began to shiver -- almost violently, and clung to my neck. 
... and I couldn't keep that darn wall up any longer.

No, they're not Caraleigh.   

But I'm learning to love Grace (left) and Macie (right)
for the rapscallions they are.

You might say, I've grown accustomed to her face!

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend ...
Hugs from Phoenix!






  1. I know what you mean about loving again. I had a similar experience with the two cats, that replaced the one I lost. We're now inseperable. Grace and Macie are adorable. What sweet faces, indeed.

  2. This is a wonderful post and an inspiring story - and I can fully relate to it. Your two "girls" are adorable. Puppies and kittens can truly be theraputic - - but they can also be a handful to maintain. Despite all the trouble, however, they certainly provide laughs and love.

    I initially only had one cat, my 8-year-old named Scratch. More recently I've adopted two kittens. Their personalities are similar to your doggies. One is a quiet "snuggler" and the other is a wild firecracker.

    It's amazing how attatched we can become to these four-legged rascals.

  3. They are so adorable and gave so much healing to your family, didn't they?

    I didn't want another dog after my beloved Yorkie died 13 years ago. But Louie brought me home a scrawny little daschund for my birthday a month later and I immediately fell in love with what has turned out to be my constant companion and favorite dog of all the dogs we've ever had. Sometimes I think the dogs pick US, don't you? xo

  4. I did the same for Disco - how can you not. And your hubs loves them - probably really good for him. They are so cute.

  5. They are so adorable! I can imagine your resistance to get attached to them, I'm glad they sensed that and came to you and found a way in your heart! I have to say taking on two pups was quite an achievement! I know I don't have the energy for that these days :)

    Happy weekend to you too!


  6. You have such a sweet compelling way of telling a story. It is always fun when you decide to spin a tale. So glad the fur balls AIDED in Tom’s attitudes. Pups have a way of doing just that.
    I loved Rex's acting and his voice when I could hear.
    Thanks again for a great visit... Now If I can just get it to post.

  7. What sweet little puppies....I'm glad they are yours, though. How is DH doing?

    1. Thank you for asking, Paula. Tom's progress has been remarkable - and now, the doctors want him lose weight. Go figure!

  8. Awww, so sweet and so glad they helped Tom get through those tough times. I was going to ask how he is doing but just saw the previous comment, So glad he is doing so well! :)

  9. awww, what an emotional post...DH being ill and these sweeties brought a new light to his life...enuf that his doctor was pleased with his progress...and then, YOU, falling for these two cutie pies, trying hard not to....but as you say...
    things have a way of tugging at our hearts.
    Look at the thrift shops for a cute little colander for your tea...and if I see one, I'll snag it and send it to you. :)


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