Friday, August 8, 2014

Colors of the rainbow

I'm not really sure when it began.

... Perhaps the day someone told me, "The mother of the groom wears beige and keeps her mouth shut."  (Really! ... isn't that a hoot?)

... or the time DH -  not usually given to random compliments - volunteered, "You look really nice in black."

Aside from being cast as a nun in our high school's production of the "Sound of Music"  I don't recall owning much 'basic black.'  Or brown.

So who'd like to tell me, what's wrong with this picture? 

But wait .... there's more!  
Pathetic, I know.
Last Fall, I was really taken aback when someone said, "Bet-cha I know Myra's favorite color -- purple!"
I wanted to weep.  

She couldn't have known, I regard the color purple right up there with brussels sprouts.  I think it stems from my childhood neighbor, mean old Mrs. "D", who seemed to lavish undue attention on her creepy African violets.

Still, my friend' statement was an educated guess -- given the fact all my 'play clothes' range from lilac to eggplant.

Honestly, it wasn't my idea!   Purple is the 'official' color of my workplace, so I've several branded golf shirts.   Too, I once belonged to the flamboyant Red Hat Society, whose members are expected to wear  purple, purple - and more purple.    A few of those gals remain good friends, but for the most part it wasn't a cozy fit.

Mind you, I'm about as flamboyant as a rock.
Wouldn't you agree, something's gotta give!  
In her later years, momma believed everyone needed a 'signature color.'    I've not heard that since!   Have you?
Methinks it's high time I take myself to my fav consignment shop and (attempt to)  rediscover the color wheel.   Or at least, a signature 'pop.' 
.... I'd like to rediscover what it's like choosing an outfit based on my mood.
But in all honestly, I'm nervous.  Isn't that silly?

This has to be a solo flight.   Usually it's a long time coming, but when I finally decide to shop-to-buy, it's best done alone.  

What's your shopping M.O.?    Are you a 'browser' like my best friend  ... a 'buddy stroller', aka the denizens of Mall-land ... or perhaps a 'point-and-shoot' type who trusts her own instincts?

Please wish me luck!
... and don't forget to have yourselves a sweet weekend!

Hugs from Phoenix,





  1. Love this!! You look awesome in the Red Hat. I almost joined once and then decided against it. But, my favorite color is purple...LOL! Have fun shopping

    1. Awww, thanks! That was taken back in 2005 when I was slim and tanned.

  2. My summer wardrobe is garish. The fall sedate. Good luck shopping. I was a Red Hat lady too, however briefly. Wasn't my cup of tea. LOVE your hat though.

  3. I like the ladies of the Red hat. some need that to 'allow' them to 'shine a different light'. You strike me as being an "I'll pick my own". sorta lady.
    It is strange, we all have colors we migrate to. When I see an UGLY color car, I have to say there is someone who LOVES that color, but it is hard to believe.

    I look back at the houses I built and They were mostly tan, beige, even the brick ones. I tend to go with the tan/beige and Black clothes. My favorite shirts are both priest's black no collar ones bought at yard sales. I like kaiki pants.
    You are looking good in the red hat lady. But i sorta think you can be you without a team to back you up.
    Love from the Poconos...

  4. When I was young in California I seemed to be more creative and flamboyant in the way I dressed. I went through the hippie phase, the East Indian phase, the Hollywood faux cowboy phase.

    Now that I'm much older (not quite ancient, mind you) there is absolutely no imagination in my "outfits" and I prefer somber colors. I don't want to draw attention to myself. I wear boots, a cowboy hat (heck, I now live in Texas), jeans, and shirts that are usually grey, blue, or brown. Really drab.
    Today it was 102 degrees and I surprised myself by wearing a red Hawaiian shirt.

    By the way, you look great in the red hat.

  5. I love the picture of you with the red hat, Myra! I hope you are successful in your shopping adventure! I have such a simple wardrobe since I work at home and live in Southern California. At my age, no one expects you to dress, LOL, for just about anything. I live in jeans and tee shirts in summer, jeans and sweat shirts in winter with a few nice tops to wear (with jeans) to church on Sunday. My sister in law's mom just got diagnosed with terminal cancer so thinking ahead, I'm thinking "what am I going to wear for the memorial service" and thought I have a pair of nice black pants and will go and buy an appropriate blouse to wear with it (which will probably become my "funeral" wear since we seem to be at that age where it could be happening more often than not with people we know).

    Oh gosh, was that a bit depressing?

    Enjoy the weekend!


  6. You look stunning with your short hair sporting the black dress and red hat. It does become you.

    I actually read your post and then went and peered into my closet..... Hmmmm... I tend to favor blues, greys and browns with an occasional red thrown in. I have no fashion sense what so ever.

    Model your new wardrobe when you buy it.

  7. I do wish you luck in finding some colorful clothing. I love colors and on the darkest days I pull out something bright like yellow or orange to wear to brighten things up a bit. Purple and red are good, but I lean towards red, it's always my favorite color

  8. Hahaa, I just love you and your cute personality, Myra.
    I have all colors in my closet...lots of black and black and white, too.
    I only shop a couple times a year for clothes...spring and fall. I hate every minute of it but glad I endured it when I need something to wear. Now, I could shop every day for my house. :)

  9. You're quite a delightful person. I'm sure you'll do great picking out a few things with color in them. I've heard it said that orange looks great on anyone, no matter hair color or skin color. I have a few orange tops and have to agree.

  10. You made me smile. :-) Hot pink always does me good.

  11. Hi sweet friend of mine! You are truly smokin in your red hat! Wow! Years ago a gal I worked with, Phyllis, attended the Emily Griffith School of Opportunity. She had recently met Anthony Hankins, a young black designer who hawked his designs on HSN T.V. He told her, black is to fall and winter as navy blue is to spring and summer. I own much of both but add lots of color. Like my youngest son Nick and oldest daughter Noelle we love blue because it makes our eyes stand out! Green was my momma's favorite color and I tend to shop for it. Being a thrifty girl, I love going to the thrift stores and finding anything. Love my jeans for Casual Friday. Love, love, love my capri's for summer time work and lots of dresses. I would love to shop with you but I wish you greet success finding your color! Hugs today! Wish you come hop over to Vegas tomorrow! we will be there til Thursday! Love and Blessings, Anne

  12. So good to hear from you Myra and thanks for the welcome back! I'm not a good shopper at all, don't enjoy it the least little bit. You look great in your read hat! :)


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