Sunday, August 31, 2014

Horrible History ...

So, this RE-RUN isn't necessarily for a lack of goings on.   Rather, my own inertia - which I suppose is a fancy way of saying, 'lazy.'
DH and I are enjoying a laid-back weekend ... looking forward to a brief get-away later this week.   Pictures to come!

Meanwhile, I felt compelled to honor one of my favorite people, gone too soon.  

Paris, August 31, 1997.  
Do you recall that awful day?  

From the moment we "yanks" lay eyes on Diana Spencer, I was smitten.  And, in an odd sort of way, I remain so.  

One day an associate asked, "Why are you crying?  You didn't know her." 
Not being blessed with a knack for appropriate comebacks, I sort of slunk away -- probably to reapply my eyeliner. (Again.)
Later, a friend counseled, "You should have said, 'Yes, I did -- everyone knew her'."

Journalist and author Peggy Noonan remembers picking up her Sunday paper:  "I realized I was holding horrible history in my hand.  I felt what a lot of Americans felt: shock, of course, and then sadness -- and then shock at the depth of my sadness."

When someone dies unexpectedly, we feel our own sense of vulnerability.  These days, our nation is reminded of other "horrible history."   Remember how, after 9/11 everyone seemed kinder to one another?  

We need to walk in a constant awareness.  To be kind.  And most important, live every day as if it's our last.  Because one day, it will be.


  1. I wish we all would have continued to be kinder after 9-11. I think how sad we are as humans to feel kindness only during adversity. But your sentiments here are beautiful. I remember eating popcorn with my hubby when Dianna died and the news broadcast it! I was so sick I could not enjoy the movie or my popcorn that evening! Certain people really find a place in our hearts. Diana was one of those! Blessings to you today. Anne

  2. HI,
    I was going to do a post on her today as well, you were NOT alone, I CRIED so much that week, I wore black...even black P.j's( old t-shirts really) and on day 6 or 7 I wore navy blue and I asked my daughter is I looked sad enough. I think my entire family thought I had lost it. I loved her, I adored her, as a YOUNG mom nearly her age, with children born almost the same time, I watched and idolized every single thing she did. She also did SO much good for the world and she most importantly Taught her BOYS that she loved them more then anything else. Duty came second to her. I agree about today might be your last, for that I try and always be kind.
    BLESS you for posting this

  3. What a post and perspective - thank you!

  4. She stole the heart of everyone. Women especially can relate because she wasn't loved by her man. Such a tragedy.

  5. I remember that year - my brother died, then Mother Teresa, and then Diana - I was thinking what great company my brother was meeting in Heaven.

    Love, sandie

  6. You're not alone. I remember it well, and I felt that someone somehow close to me was gone. It was a sad, sad, day.

  7. Ohhh,yes, those memories of that day. Kleenex on this end for sure ... so sad.

    Have a beautiful holiday weekend ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs & love,

  8. Like most of the historic things that I have had happen in my life, I remember exactly where I was when we got this news. We heard about it during the night while I was working at the hospital. And after we got off work the next morning a group of us stood in the hospital parking lot and talked about Diana for over an hour. She was a special person to the world!

  9. I agree completely. It's so easy to get back to our lives and forget the impact these events had on our lives. Diana was an inspiration to the world.

  10. The world lost a great one when we lost her.

  11. Mother Teresa, Diana, and my brother all died the same year. She was so sweet - well they all were. Such a shame. And yes you never ever know.


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