Saturday, June 21, 2014

Thank You for the Music

It's funny, really.   Funny-odd, I mean.

Casey Kasem's passing didn't come as a surprise.   Still, I was more than a little saddened at the news.  
...which surprised me.

To be honest, prior to his family's brouhaha played out by the media, I'd not thought of Mr. Kasem in years.

I suppose my feelings were a reaction to the slow death of radio, as I knew it.  

Except when darkness fell and our little transistors could pick up a signal from the Holy Grail (aka, KOMA Oklahoma City) -- my friends and I were resigned to listening to our hometown "jack-of-all trades" radio station.  

It made no difference that we never met a 'real' D.J.    They were our friends.  
.....And handsome, besides.   I mean, you could just tell by their voices.  Right?  (Tee-hee)
Half a decade later, I'm still left to wonder if I don't choose a 'favorite' station for it's genre  ... or, the friendly host. :)

Since the easy-listening 'Music of Your Life' station I adored went belly-up last year, I've felt somewhat adrift.   Getting satellite radio installed in my aging Camry was short-listed.   
Then, while on vacation in March we were upgraded to a rental car boasting satellite radio -- and by week's end I was longing for a D.J.'s voice.   Go figure!

BTW .... has anyone been to see "Jersey Boys"?   What did you think?
DH and I aren't big movie-goers; and no matter how talented, I'm not especially fond of impersonators. 
Then again, The 4 Seasons' "Walk Like a Man" was the first record I was allowed to pick out for myself.   I.Seriously.Loved their music!

... Which is odd, given the fact they're Americans.

It's true.  In '64 I fell head-over-teakettle for the Beatles and, seemingly, the whole lot of Brits who followed:
George, Keith, Gerry, Chad and Jeremy  ... and, of course, Freddie.  Silly Freddie. :)
... still guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

Unfortunately, not everyone shared my devotion.   There's just no accounting for some people's tastes. (JK!)
When Tom's sis was visiting last year, I hoped to discover some common ground and hopefully, a more relaxed relationship.    After all, we're practically the same age.     

I'm not sure how the conversation turned to music, but I hope my face didn't reflect my horror when Annette said she didn't much care for The Beatles.  I tried not to wince as she added, "I was a 'Mo-Town' girl."
(Aside:  My parents never let me listen to 'that kind' of music.  For that matter, I wasn't allowed to watch 'Peyton Place' either.   Another story for another day perhaps.)
Music is so intensely personal, isn't it?

I'm not real sure what compelled me to put these thoughts down on 'paper' this morning.   In just a minute, I'll hit a button to 'listen live' to a promising station featuring a good C/W playlist and a great D.J. friend at the mic.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling mighty beholden to Casey ....and those DJ's who've not been replaced by giant corporation's soulless programming.  

Thank you for the music!

I hope you all enjoy great weekend!

Hugs from Phoenix,




  1. Wonderful post - - you managed to bring back so many memories (yea, all those D.J.'s had voices that sounded "handsome" - it was always a shock to see their photos....) I was never a big Casey Kasem fan, but an era has certainly ended with his passing.

    As for "Peyton Place", I read the novel when I was fourteen. In retrospect, it's almost impossible to believe that it was banned in many places and created such a sensation. I miss those days of delicious "innocence".....

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  3. This is the first time I've had a chance to read your BLOG Myra! Thanks for listening to THAT Country station and I want you to know it's an honor to be called your friend! ~Danny D.

  4. So enjoyed reading this Myra; I remember listening to Casey Kasem's shows and learning so much about music and the artists. One of the local stations here on Sunday mornings plays repeats of them from the 1980s' a flash in the past. You are so true about music being intensely personal. I know son likes to listen to Pandora where he can basically formulate the type of music he wants to hear, make libraries of different songs, etc. Sure has changed from the days when we turned the radio on and had few choices of channels, but enjoyed just listening to music. And isn't it funny, I too thought as a youngster that DJ's were incredibly handsome based on their voices and then would see a picture of them and be totally surprised.


  5. I remember him too! He brought a lot of fun and joy!

  6. I liked to listen to the countdowns - it brought the stories behind the music to life.

  7. I smiled through this whole post. My transistor radio was my life. Music is such a personal thing, it's true. I loved DJ's too. Their voices were velvet smooth and made it seem they were talking just to you. Casey Kasem was a true gem. And Peyton Place was delightfully sinful.

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  9. Oh lady, this one was special and I never was a music person. But it was the time. I enjoyed not only your post but all the comments. 'tis late here on the first coast and I am tired, BUT this was good. The DJ's were 'ALWAYS' the best looking and cool. YES the car radio in the 50's me holding my Sherry. We had the Star Castle with our DJ high up in a booth spinning the latest Beatles, Elvis, Jerry Lee, et. al . Ahhhh the kisses to the music. Anyway THANKS for a lot of memories and smiles.
    Sherry & Jack

    One day I will edit before hitting GO!

  10. I am somewhat, *ahem,....older than you so my tastes ran to Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Elvis...the list goes on and on...of course, our favorite music is always what was playing during our high school years..the 50's music will alwys be my favorite...and a little of the 60's...

  11. It has been years since I thought of KOMA radio....growing up I was "country when country wasn't cool." But I came to love the Beatles and all of MO-Town Great post!

  12. Mine was Dick Biondi, Italian DJ on WLS in Chicago. He wrote the song and sang "On Top of a Pizza" with his terrible voice. Loved my transistor radio too. Hope you find some common ground with your S-I-L! Love the Beatles!
    Fun post!

  13. I love music to hear at my free times. During my younger age i used be with transistors all the time!
    Have a nice day!

  14. Our oldest Jeremy is a huger fan of the Beatles and Temptations. In fact, high school he wrote papers on both musical groups and boy,oh,boy, does he know stuff about all of them! I loved Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere and the Raiders ( who coincidentally hosts a ate night radio show in his home state). I adore the BeeGees and believe they were truly one of a kind! I am listening to their music as I write. I am a lover of most all types of music and recently sat down with my grandson Colton as we listened to Eminen's new album which is all about forgiveness. The language might be quite colorful but if your mother fed you rat poison with your cheerio's you might be unpleasant too! I will crank up Andre Bocelli too,opera! Since he sings in a language totally foreign to me, I find it romantic and exciting! We think alike! Great minds do you know? Have a great weekend my dear friend. You can always make me smile!


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