Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Random Recollections + a Giveaway!

For as long as I can recall, I've been fascinated by codes ... ridiculously pleased if I managed to find the key before it became passe!  

When my folks would travel to Albuquerque for some 'real' shopping, I was terribly interested in the disembodied, dulcet voices coming from the department store's ceiling:  "Code ___-___-___."  (Soft bing.)

Looking this way and that, I was invariably disappointed that no-one else seemed to hear The Voice ... or cared.

Do these code - talkers still exist, do you suppose?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Reflecting on a recent haircut:

'K' picks up the electric razor to trim my nape ..... and I'm instantly transported back to Comb's Beauty Shop, ca. 1959 -- replete with pink and black tile and rectangular vials of turquoise-colored liquid.  

When old Mrs. Combs' razor touched the back of my neck, I'd practically jump out of that chair; my body becoming one big goosebump. 

I'm sort of disappointed, that doesn't happen anymore.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Were I a believer in reincarnation, surely there'd be a canine somewhere along the line.  
Like a bloodhound, now n' then I'll get a niggling in my head to rediscover something inconsequential.... and it won't go away 'til the answer's found.   For instance?

Every now and then when I reach for a Q-tip, I get a fuzzy '50's flashback: 
My mother stands before the bathroom sink, holding a little bottle of olive oil under the hot water faucet.  Then, carefully dipping a Q-tip into the warmed oil, she proceeds to clean the inside of my ears.    A curious sensation, but a nice one, too.  

I loved that pretty little bottle!   Tho' it sat atop a little shelf in our bathroom every day of my childhood,  I wouldn't be able to give an accurate description if you held a gun to my head.   

Guess what!?!
On a whim, I googled 'vintage Olive Oil containers' the other day, not really expecting to see a match.

I'm not usually given to impulse.  Yet, this little trio is on its way to Phoenix from Meme's Sideboard (Etsy shoppe).   Woo-hoo ... I'm doing a happy dance over here!

I'm thinking the Pompeian bottle will be a sweet addition to my 'ish' room.

But! I'd no clue about the pepper and chili pepper shakers.
That's where YOU come in, friends!

I've not hosted a give-away before.  Don't you agree it's high-time?

The little pepper bottle and chili-pepper shaker would make a great display in your fun vintage kitchen!  You might even want give them as a gift to someone who enjoys collecting those old memories from the past.

To qualify, please be a 'follower' and leave a comment.  Easy-peasy, right?
If you'd like more detail, please visit Elsie's shop by clicking on the link, above.

The winner's name will be picked at random .... let's say on July 1.

Thank you for playing along, and have yourselves a great week!








  1. Cute giveaway, Myra; already a follower; leaving a comment :)

    Isn't it amazing how something we do now reminds us of something from the past? A touch of nostalgia I guess as we remember pleasant or unpleasant memories from our past.

    Glad you were able to find the Pompiean bottle plus a few other delights!


  2. I actually remember that Pompeian Olive oil - I used that kind to make my sausage and peppers in the 70's. :-)

    I'd like to win those pepper jars cuz I'd use them at the lake house. Have a nice week!!

  3. You've brought back so many memories. My Aunt Ann (my mother's sister) owned a beauty shop in the 1950's and it had pink and black tile.
    I remember when heated olive oil was used for ear aches.

  4. Wonderful memories. Have to tell you the pink and black tiles bring back a flood of good thoughts to me too. A Lovely giveaway.

  5. I agree with the previous poster about the pink and black tiles. It makes me think of the house where I grew up. Actually, it just makes me think of a time when things were just sweeter and nicer. If we could go back to "pink and black values", I would take the tiles to go along with them any day. Sigh.

    As for the code talkers, you made me giggle. Yes, I do remember that, and you're right that we don't hear it any more. We DO have an announcement lady in our Walmart who has the thickest drawl you have ever heard. I always want to find the face behind the voice.

  6. We practiced a lot of old remedies back when, but not sure about the ears. In fact, I think today some of them are better than modern medicines.

  7. Oh My Goodness, I saw that bottle in my mind before I saw your image here! LOL! My mother used that olive oil too! It was a cure all like Camphor Phenique and Absorbine Jr. Sigh! The good ole days and great memories. Love to listen to your stories. Hugs Anne

    I also think your giveaway is sweet as can be!


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