Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Say what?

Do you enjoy talk radio?    As a rule, I try to avoid listening.  Invariably, I wind up getting angry and/or overly- emotional.

Who needs more reasons to stress, right?

Other days I can't resist.
Sure enough, one topic recently piqued my interest:  Whatever happened to the phrase, "You're welcome"?

Before you get to thinking, "Uh-oh, here goes Miss Manners."
... these are the same hosts who, a few months ago, believed the term, "thank you" was being used too often.   Go figure!

Me?  I'm plenty guilty of saying, "You betcha!" ... "No prob!" ... "Anytime!", in response to others' thanks.

But for the life of me, I couldn't recall the last time I said, "You're welcome"!
To these informal-ized ears, that sounds rather archaic.

But feeling archaic myself lately (lol), I made a conscious effort.
...and discovered the words flow off my tongue easier if add one little word -- and  a smile: "You're most welcome."

While I sometimes get the odd look, I think it's becoming a habit.

Are there any "lost" expressions you'd like to see coming around again?


  1. Far out! Groovy. Right on. Give a hoot - don't pollute. Make love - not war..... Ooops, I'm showing my age. :-)

    I usually say "You're very welcome" and I always smile.

  2. I'm guilty. I often say, "Not a problem." I think it's time to bring "you're welcome" back to my conversations.

  3. I'd like to see "good" morning come back. You hear "morning" but rarely do I hear the good with it :)

    I'll have to remember "you're welcome"; I'm usually "no problem" myself :)

    I like talk radio only if I agree with what is being discussed :)


  4. The world needs more kindness and gentleness and if saying You're very welcome makes some one perk up, they may pass it on. I enjoyed your previous post!

  5. I would like people to get those ear phones out of their ears and say hello - how are you - just like the good old days. Hugs, sandie

  6. Neat entry. I like it, and yep 'You are Welcome' isn't heard much more, but I hadn't thougfht about it much. I betcha I notice now!

    When I could hear I listened to talk radio, and enjoyed it. I preferred it to listening to music (Unless it was a 50's station (LOL)).

  7. For the record, I love talk radio. It seems good manners has fallen off the face of the earth. I was raised to be a please, thank-you, and you're welcome kind of girl and it's hard to break old habits. I still say all three probably multiple times a day. I wish manners would come back in style. I raised my daughter to say, Yes, ma'am, No ma'am, and the like. She's grown and still says those things. She even has bosses who tell her to stop calling them "ma'am." :) She makes me proud, my sweet mannerly child.

    Let's start a manners movement!

  8. Two of the sweetest gals I know, Bea and Wanda listen to talk radio! They are in their 80s now but what fun! They use to listen to the "Gabby Gourmet " here in Denver. I always found great restaurants listening to those two ladies!

    Good manners! Good grief Charlie Brown! They are practically non existent! At dinner Saturday night, while waiting for a table, two incorrigable little girls ran across the coffee table and lovely velvet sofa at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Parents just kept talking and ignoring the brats! I have a friend who has her first grand daughter. The parents never want anyone to utter this bad word to their precious child "NO"! That kid is gonna need some long term therapy!

  9. Eye contact is nearly history as well. Whaa happened to just being nice, sheesh?!


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