Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flashback Friday

.... er, Saturday!
I'm a bit tardy arriving at Miss Martha's party, but didn't want to miss the opportunity to share a few of my favorite memories.

My sweet bloggy friend, Charlotte, says it so well:  ".... I still can't get over how fast a week goes by.  Not just a week, but a month, a year, a lifetime."

This same weekend, 18 short years ago, my granddaughter celebrated her 1st birthday at my mother's in Port Charlotte.   It meant so much to mother that Sarah was baptized into her church that beautiful Sunday morning!

The quality of this photo is poor, but it remains one of my favorite images!

Besides the baby doll, mother gave my son and Lois a lovely diamond  (which belonged to her own mother), asking that it be given to Sarah when she turned 18.  

Today, my granddaughter is a lovely, soft-spoken young woman who still lists "going to church" as one of her favorite activities.  Knowing that, I figure my mom's up there busting her buttons!

Happy, happy birthday .... and so very many more!

Hugs from Phoenix!


  1. Happy birthday, dear Sarah. You sound as sweet as your grandmother. The pictures are adorable and lots of hugs from New York!

  2. What great photos. Is Sarah wearing the ring?

    1. Thanks, Kim! No, I should have said, it's a loose stone; I believe they're having it made into a necklace.

  3. I love the old photos, especially the one with the doll. So many great emotions there.

    Happy birthday to your beautiful Sarah.

  4. What a beautiful entry. Sweet memories and beautiful pictures. So neat that you have the sweet baby pictures and now the sweet grown up shots. Yes life times pass too fast, but there is beauty as they do. Life is good, if we will allow it to be.
    ((HUGS)) from The Wildwood of Florida!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Sarah she is a beautiful young lady.

  6. That beautiful baby was that beautiful grown up girl? Happy Birthday. sandie

  7. happy birthday to your grand-daughter. She is so beautiful. I love how she loves going to church too! Wishing her much success in her life!


  8. Happy birthday to beautiful Sarah! Such great photos and memories for this week's Flashback Friday :)

  9. What a beautiful young lady. I hope she had a special birthday. I enjoyed the memories you shared!

  10. Such a beautiful young lady! Happy birthday althoguh I am a bit late! Love your stories!

  11. Such a sweet, loving tribute to a beautiful young lady that has blessed and enhanced your days. Sigh...the days and years truly fly by.


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