Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Just wanted to drop in and say "hi" ... and take the opportunity to show off our new (March 5 edition) granddaughter, Audrey Annette.....

I was so excited to finally get my hands on that little sweetie yesterday.   Sanity would probably call it "gas," but I swear she smiled once or twice!   Is it just me, or do you ever gaze at a newborn and try to fathom what they'll look like in a year ... in 5 ... or 50?   

Family and friends are here from Chicago and Florida -- to baby watch and attend Spring Training games.  'Tis is a good thing(!!!) no-one was around to watch DH and I (speed) deep-clean Hotel Guca .... rearranging our "usual" tablescape:

...sigh, no comment!

...into something more closely resembling a normal dinette.  (Aside: Are they still called dinettes?   We're far too casual to own a 'real' dining room!)

So, in between we celebrated DH's birthday..... and tomorrow my eldest granddaughter turns 17!!!

Isn't she lovely?
And certainly more mature than I!   For instance....

"What would you like for your birthday, Sarah?"
"Oh Grandma, I have so much already.  I don't need anything."
"Whaaaaat?   You're too young to be talking like that, little lady!"
(I was tempted to tell her to go wash her mouth out with soap, before my DH caught wind and supposed that's a hereditary trait - LOL!)

Whether they're a few days old, 12, 13, or 17 ... granddaughters have such a way of wrapping themselves around my heart!   

Be back soon!


  1. Audrey is a darling! Bet that was such a blessing to hold her close and cuddle. So what are you going to get beautiful Sarah? Great family pics!


  2. She is just lovely! Obviously, it's much more than skin deep, too. I hope to have granddaughters (and sons) wrapping their way around my heart some day. I know that daughters certainly do it.

  3. Oh what fun for you to be surrounded by family...welcoming in the newest girl to your family, and honoring the oldest. Both are lovely and much loved I'm betting. Enjoy these days!

  4. Oh my goodness I thought my two grandsons had a big gap - but so do you. Your new granddaughter Audrey is gorgeous and so it your 17 year old granddaughter - Sarah - sounds like such a great young lady too -but that is no surprise being related to you!


  5. What beautiful pictures and what gifts. So glad to see your beautiful blessings!

  6. What a precious baby girl (love the name). I don't have any grands at the moment, but do adore my little great-niece.

  7. what beautiful grandaughters you have!

  8. Congratulations on the new grand. Give dear DH a hug for me and wish him a belated birthday from Frank and me.


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