Saturday, March 19, 2011

Do you ever catch yourself on an ordinary day, reading an ordinary passage -- then feel the author is speaking to YOU?

That's just what happened to me a couple of days ago!  I've a hunch it may resonate with some of you, too:

~ ~ ~

"How can we all follow what is going on in Japan and not be affected?  I know, some will watch in disbelief, but how many will say to themselves as they watch that since it isn't happening to me the impact is less.   I bet most of us do that.

We instead focus on our responsibilities in life.  We worry about kids, spouses, family members and friends.  We deal with the pressures in our lives, financial and otherwise. 
If you are like me, you worry about balance in life.

Then I started thinking, how many in Japan who survived had those same pressures and then because of Mother Nature, everything else suddenly became secondary?  We wake up every morning and wonder what the new day has in store for us. 

As I sit here I am starting to wonder if the struggles we have in life are totally overblown.  We must deal with them one day at a time and realize that we have much for which to be thankful.  Yes, it is a tired cliche that is used to make us feel better, but the truth is, no matter how tough we think things are, there are many people who have it worse.   That doesn't necessarily make things better, but it does put thing into perspective.

I know it is one of my goals, to finally get some balance in my life.   I always feel I should be doing more to help those less fortunate.   Helping, even a little, makes you feel good.  I know it does for me."

--Siegel Sez
(Inside Hotel Today)


  1. Thanks for posting this today. It is easy to take our blessings for granted.

    Happy weekend, my friend.

  2. Thanks for sharing this reflection by Siegel Sez. Very good.

  3. Great post. I know right after September 11 I rarely worried about the little things that had bothered me on September 10. I try to keep some of the perspective I gained after that experience, but it's so easy to slip back into losing perspective. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Thank you for bringing this up - it sure does put our life into perspective. sandie

  5. I do so much of the time take my life for granted. I've had a couple of those times though that tragedy knocks me down. Only Christ gets me through them. I hope Japan will turn to the One who will make a difference in spite of their circumstances.

  6. So good and so true! The crap I spend my time worrying about doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Thanks for posting this. Maybe it will help me get my mind off myself and thinking more of others.

  7. Thank-you for this. This does put thing in perspective.
    God Bless,

  8. Hi Mevely,

    Reading about recent events occurring around the world has enabled me to look beyond my own circumstances and appreciate the blessings which our Lord bestows on us.

    The whole world appears to be an apple to the worm inside one, but the truth is my present circumstances pale in comparison to those I know and many I only read about.

    Yesterday, I was reminded that, what really matters is not the amount I give to help, but that I choose to help others.

    I pray that we who call upon the name of the Lord, recognize the opportunity before us now to demonstrate the love, compassion and desire to help those in need; wherever the need exist.

    Blessings and peace.


  9. I came here this morning and read and LOVED this. I even read it aloud to my husband. I tried to comment then, but my computer does what it wills when it wills and it wouldn't let me.

    Trying again.

    I think this is superb!!

  10. These kinds of tragedies really make you realize what is important in life. Thank you for sharing this insightful post.


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