Monday, January 24, 2011

So, I had to smile when my 16 y/o granddaughter confided, she’s been depositing her new truck in front of the high school – vs. the students’ lot – because, “I’m not so good at parking yet.”

I know the feeling!
It’s been 44 years since that oh-so coveted drivers license came to sit in my wallet … but I still recall the kindness shown by the official charged with testing my skills behind the wheel. Was it coincidence that I wasn’t required to parallel park? To this day, I’ve never “paralled”!

…and to this day, I’ll opt for a parking space further than most from the front door. Preferably an area that allows for pull-through parking. (I’m not so good at “backing”, Sarah!)

On the other hand…
DH is one of those folk who circle, then lie in wait for a spot in the red zone. We poke fun at one another … but I’m still a bit prejudicial against those otherwise healthy (looking) individuals who spend money on diet shakes and health clubs, but seem loathe to walk an extra 50 yards.
…and leave their grocery carts here-and-there like so many orphans.

Say, does anyone recall those Hypermart retail stores popular in the 1980’s? I loved their shopping cart concept --where you had to deposit a quarter in this metal box thingie to trigger a cart’s release.   But! that quarter was returned if you took time to return it.

I wonder why that never caught on?

By the same token, I wonder why I can’t think of something more important to be annoyed about?
.....Just saying.    


  1. Can't say I like parallel parking either - there is none here by where I live. Although I think we had to be able to do it for the driving test. Long time ago.


  2. I remember getting my 1st drivers license was one of the most exciting things that ever happened in my life! To me it represented freedom.

    Never heard of Hypermart ? They never made it to California that I know of?

  3. I must have parallel parked for the driving test, but cannot remember ever doing it, then or since. Don't mind walking in the parking lot and loathe folks who park in the disabled parking without a sticker. That's one of my biggest peeves.

    I'm with you on St. Petersburg, though I want to combine it with Helsinki. I spent two days in St. Petersburg ten years ago and found it so interesting. I've been thinking about going back there ever since.

  4. We have to deposit a quarter or dollar in our carts.

  5. I have just spent a very pleasant half hour catching up on all of your wonderful post. Sorry, I let myself get so far behind. Truth be told I only had the time tonight because hubby is out of town and I do not sleep well when he is away.

    I choose this post to comment on because it sure hit home. Not only did I never learn to parallel park but I still get teased by those that knew me back in the days of my learning to drive. They don't let me forget all the mistakes I made and how many times I had to take my driving test.

    We do have a chain of grocery stores here that lock up their shopping carts and it requires a quarter to unhook one. I like the policy myself.

    We just purchased a new truck and had a slide in camper installed. It is so wide that both of us are afraid to try parking in a regular space. So for now we are going to the empty part of the lot and walking the distant into the place we are going. Hopefully, we will both loose a few pounds by the time we get acclimated.

    Hope you are both well and give my love to DH.


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