Monday, January 17, 2011

So, I can’t put my finger on “it” exactly, but over the last couple weeks I’ve felt this crazy sense of disquiet and unease….. for no apparent reason!

Were my own expectations too high?

Of course, I compensated – the coward’s way out:
Lots of sleep, followed by more sleep. Basically, I’ve excelled at doing nothing. :(

As if the Almighty smiled and triggered a switch, I hit the floor yesterday soooo energized!   Come dusk there were a dozen oversize parcels earmarked for Goodwill or the trash collector.

Hmmm, there’s a neglected treadmill -- but more important, there are sorely neglected bloggy friends to visit.

Much to be said and done … time’s a-wasting!

PS! …
Before you get to thinking I’ve lost my sense of humor, here’s a quote that made me laugh out loud!
Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting in into a fruit salad.”


  1. Well, first, I had missed your posts and was just thinking about you the other day as I scrolled through my blogroll to see if I had missed blogs.

    And zap. There you are! I'm so glad!

    I can utterly relate to the feeling you had been having. I had it too. Actually, from the time I went back to part time teaching, I've had a little struggle to "wind up" every day.

    And that quote is just plain funny. LOVE it.

  2. I wondered where you were too - if you had given up blogging my friend. Glad you didn't. I like the quote. Quite true. sandie

  3. I'm wondering if we all grieve the loss of "last year" or something. I call it the January blahs, it always hits. I loved how you described the feeling of it...then you got jump started and energized. Kick butt woman!

  4. So glad to see your post and so like the quote. Haven't hit my winter slump, but figure it could occur any day now. Take good care!

  5. I understand how you felt - at least you got a kick start!


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