Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Sundae Effect

(reprinted in part from one of my “beginner” posts for this week's Simple Pleasures.)

Woo-hoo! Summer’s finally released its grip on the Valley of the Sun!  Don’t laugh, but when our temps drop below 50 degrees it’s practically cause to bring out the long underwear.  

So here we are, approaching 'the most wonderful time of the year.'   The last several days have (I think) set record cold temps .... yessss!

Contrasting our overnight lows, my spirits have skyrocketed …. I’m able to indulge in the “sundae effect” during my morning commute:

Once my car’s engine’s fully warmed, I set the blower on “max” ..... then roll down the window.   
Right side "toasty" … left side, let's call it "brisk."   

Wheeeeee, I’m feeling like a hot-fudge sundae!  
(Say, we desert dwellers have to take pleasure where we can - LOL!)


  1. Ha-ha! That gave me a laugh. We have a similar problem with temps here in Southeast Texas. Loving the cooler temps this week.

  2. You crazy nut! I'll send you a box full of snow if you'd like. It's so fluffy, and totally hides the dog poop in the backyard!

  3. My hubby and I were just talking about that tonight - it felt so good to get in the car and turn on the heat from the cold outside.

    We were a little colder than 50 degrees.


  4. I love cooler days too! You are one funny lady, Mevely :-)
    God bless you..Trish

  5. you're funny. we started parking in the garage b/c in the morning we all sit in the car shivering too much.

  6. Hahahahah! That was so funny, and I can definitely relate. We were so toasty on Tuesday that I thought I would die. Now, we're having a welcome cold spell.

  7. Love your sense of humor!
    Just might have to try this.

  8. I had to laugh ..... you need to be here where I am like hi today 36 I think !!!Thanks for sharing

  9. Wish I could trade locations for a while. It is barely into winter and I am already having to wear three layers of clothing and a heavy coat to go outside. Even a little TV watching requires I snuggle in a afghan.


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