Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Look through any window, yeah ….
                                                         What do you see?

Isn’t it odd, what we sometimes take for granted … our everyday vistas?

Ever since my Brownie troop toured the local Fire Department’s “private quarters,” I’ve harbored a fascination for behind-the-scenes activity ….others’ points of view. For example ….

Would you like to see where the pilot flies the plane?”
Magical words --posed not to me, but to my little boy …..a long, long time ago. Ah, the once “friendly skies"!  We were but a handful of souls aboard a “red-eye” flight, somewhere over West Texas.
I don’t recall his being overly excited …. but that unexpected invite to the cockpit had me over the moon! (To think, this is their every-day!)

My personal favorite?   An UNofficial tour of our cruise ship’s underbelly and boiler room. Never mind that a brand-new pair of high heels lay ruined …. I was totally agog. (At their everyday view!)

Undeservedly perhaps, my curiosity has never landed me in real trouble.

And these days my curiosity’s waned.    I’m resigned to never having an opportunity to hang out in an Air Traffic Control Tower …. or to tag along with the crew of my favorite TV reality show.

Still, there’s one perspective I’d love to see – that of an commercial trucker: Waaaay up high, ‘round the block …. King of the Road!

Crazy, yes.   Still, I’m updating the Bucket List ….
One never knows!


  1. I love your curiosity. You must be real smart. My daughter and husband still tell me about the tour of Robin's destroyer Navy ship. Impacting. I stayed home and watched the baby back then!

  2. You're such a sweetie, Mary..... but believe me, I'm ANYthing but "real smart"!

  3. Hey girl - you got your follower on! Now I can check it more easily. Join mine too. Oh I am so glad you did that. I will be back. sandie

    I love this song....In My Life


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