Tuesday, June 8, 2010

True Colors?

Did you ever have your "colors done" back in the 80's? 
I misssed the boat!

'Finally took a long hard look at my wardrobe the other day .... it's not a pretty sight, my friends!  For whatever reason, I'm instinctively drawn to neutrals -- variations of browns and blacks -- which do nothing for my complexion.  While there's little I can do to turn back time, I don't need to further my image as an understudy in a Dickens' production!

So, I'm not a what-cha-call-it .... a "clothes horse."  When I bother to take the time to shop, it's usually out of necessity ... preferably done solo.

This time I solicited DH's good-natured participation.   We came away with a few brightly colored tops and a melon-hue pantsuit.   And sure enough, a few people have made "nice noise"  -- save the unfortunate pantsuit.  Since it's debut a few weeks ago, I can't shake the feeling I resemble a Giant Canteloupe... an impostor.

Maybe it's better paired with Attitude?  I'm thinking to channel the late, great Rue McClanahan.

.... or not.
Somedays there's Real Comfort to be found in acting the caterpillar.


  1. I love blacks and whites in my clothes...I fight to keep from buying more. I need more color!
    Definately spiff up that laundry room....you will feel better about being in there!!

  2. Just recently started injecting color into my wardrobe. Sis had my "colors done" in the 80's for me as a gift - I'm an Autumn and had bought those colors anyway - just by lucky chance though:)Enjoy your new wardrobe - maybe go thrifting - - -


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