Tuesday, June 15, 2010

... Perchance to Dream

So, I once knew a lady who used to cajole her sons (to) "Just taste" the brussel sprouts.   She'd read somewhere that our body cells are constantly mutating, evolving .... ergo, if you disliked something a year ago, your "new" tastebuds might enjoy it now.  (I'm thinking, "ya .... right.")

So what promped this recollection?  A dream, actually.   No, make that an out-of-body experience!

It's a given, I'm not particularly fond of fruit.   But one species(?) I regard as "evil" --  oranges.....orange juice .... orange-flavored/scented anything.

Why then, did I dream about consuming fresh-squeezed orange  juice?  And lovin' it!?    Can't get enough .....my tongue practically caresses each bit of pulp.  

As these things go, I became aware this was a dream -- but began fretting in earnest how to get my hands on some real OJ -- at 3 in the morning ... a good 5-6 miles from the nearest  convenience store ... without waking DH.
Sleep was out of the question. I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth and gargled (with vigor).  Whew, the craving ceased!

A few hours later, DH was more than a little amused by my story.  Still, I never expected he would pick up a half-gallon of "Florida's finest" later that day.  "Uh ... thanks."
What's a gal to do?  Not surprisingly, I couldn't take more than a few sips without grimacing.   

Is that the craziest thing?   I wonder what provoked the "attack"?   'Suppose this is akin to techniques used by hypno-therapists?  

Ah! I know one person who'll understand:  My BFF has similar issues with french fries.

Do you experience any food phobias?  I'd really like to know!

Meanwhile..... sweet dreams!

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  1. Hi, Myra:
    I laughed at your post! I never eat oranges or oj (cause migraines in me) however, there is only one product I can eat....Minute Maid orange juice and my husband buys it too, periodically!

    Thank you for your love and prayers, my friend. Hope you can feel mine. Glad Susanna made you smile. She is a blessings these days.

    Love you,


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