Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Noooo, I didn't make my transition. 'Twas our computer.
Here, I was "talking" about Andy Williams, then poof! Out of its misery after 11 long years.
Whew ...What stories, what secrets it might have boasted! (Shhhh!)

Nostalgia be darned! Like the child who suddenly develops a dislike for certain food groups, it balked at any site containing color or audio. That pretty much sums up Blog-land, hmmm?

Perhaps DH figured I might "go postal" without ready access to the internet. At any rate, we've just put in it's place a fresh, FAST HP. I'm euphoric at the possibilities! Think I'll call it "Comet."

I'm MISSED ya'all! Be back soon ... if'n I've not forgotten how!

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  1. Glad to know all is well, was beginning to worry a little.....have fun with your comet!!


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